By Kerry Hale

How To Create A Luxury Bathroom


        • Monday 15 February 2021
        • 5 minute read

        When you’re looking for some much needed ‘me-time’, your bathroom is probably your go-to destination to unwind and escape the day. 

        So if anywhere deserves that little extra touch of luxury, it’s there. Whether you have the budget for a full renovation or just a few simple tweaks, there are plenty of ways to update the space and turn it into the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

        With close attention to detail, creating a luxurious bathroom is easier than you might think. Here are seven tips to help you get the designer bathroom look at home.

        Stylish fixtures

        If you’re looking for an instant update, your bathtub or shower is the best place to start. As the hero piece in your bathroom, you should invest in quality and make it the focal point of the room. 

        Free-standing baths immediately add a touch of luxe and can act as the centrepiece for your space. Our top tip? If you can, position the bath in front of a window to make a real statement. If you prefer a shower, opt for a sleek corner shower with frameless glass panels like the Mira Ascend for a minimalist take on a designer bathroom. 

        If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space, you could include a separate bath and shower, otherwise go for a sleek over-bath shower with a glass screen.

        Tasteful fittings

        For the ultimate luxury bathroom touch and feel, fine tune the smaller features for a big impact. Rainfall showerheads are particularly luxurious, treating you to a full drenching and a spa-like experience with every shower. You could also go for a showerhead that can sync with your mood, like the Mira 360m Four Spray Showerhead, offering a high-pressured spray to wake you up in the morning or a gentler water flow to relax after a long day. Better yet, opt for a dual shower so that you can enjoy the benefits of both as and when you need them.

        For a designer bathroom feel, make sure all your fittings match, so choose shower fittingstaps, and other fittings like soap dispensers and loo roll holders in the same colour and finish, or even from the same range. Shiny and new bathroom fittings will immediately uplift a well-used bathroom.

        Digital details

        If your definition of a luxury bathroom goes beyond ornate details, focus on the new products making their mark in the digital world to shake up your morning routine – and make getting up slightly more bearable. For an easy bed-to-shower transition, try a digital shower that can be controlled by our free app that is available on both Android and iPhone. The app allows you to remotely turn the shower on and off, and create up to 10 custom pre-sets according to your preference. Compatible with our Mira Activate and Mira Mode digital shower ranges. 

        Other forms of technology can also be incorporated into your luxury bathroom, from shaver sockets and heated mirrors that demist themselves to Bluetooth speakers and waterproof televisions.

        Refreshed tiling and grout

        Have you ever seen a high-end bathroom with damaged or outdated tiles? Nor have we. Give your bathroom a total refresh with brand new tiles and choose from metro, marble, mosaic and more for a designer finish.

        Alternatively, if your tiles still look fresh and it’s your grout that looks tired and stained, simply giving grout a deep clean could work wonders in transforming your bathroom. If your grout really has seen better days, consider regrouting your bathroom. You could even change the colour of the grout, introducing a darker colour to contrast with white tiles for a stylish and contemporary look.

        Statement style 

        The key to achieving a designer bathroom is to hone in one particular style. Whether you prefer clean-cut contemporary style with a focus on minimalist features, art deco style with a penchant for geometry or rustic country style with a muted palette and wooden accents, choose your focus and stick to it to achieve a high-end looking bathroom.

        Fancy lighting

        The tendency in bathrooms is to go for bright lighting, which is certainly needed some of the time, but installing dimmer switches will allow you to change the ambience of the bathroom depending on your mood. That might mean low lighting when you want to relax in the bath, and brighter lighting when you’re doing your make-up or shaving.

        Fine finishing touches

        No luxury bathroom is complete without the finishing touches. Keep your bathroom tidy and organised with clever bathroom storage solutions, from sleek cabinets to little baskets that can keep clutter at bay. The addition of a mirror will help to bounce light around your bathroom, creating the illusion of a bigger space, and fluffy new towels will give you hotel luxury in your very own home.

        If you’re looking to update and modernise any of your existing bathroom features, take a look at the innovative showering technology of our digital showers range here

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