Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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How to decorate a bathroom for your kids

Our kids’ bathroom ideas will help you create a fun space for your little ones

Thursday 18th May 2017

While children’s bathrooms are practical spaces, they don’t have to be bland and uninspiring. Instead, have fun designing a creative room that’s sure to fire up their imaginations.

Made for playtime

When it comes to kids’ bathroom décor, look to their own interests to come up with an inspiring theme – it could be under the sea, at the beach or in the jungle. There’s plenty of scope to design a room they’ll want to spend time in. To keep it simpler, try patterned wallpaper or create a fun design using coloured paint. Opt for tonal brights or choose an accent shade to introduce a hit of colour to a more neutral space. Add personality by displaying some of your children’s own artwork, or choose some beautiful illustrations.

Mira Comfort Basin Mixer Monobloc

All in the detail

Bathrooms are busy spaces, especially when they’re shared by several people. By installing two washbasins, you can limit morning and bedtime queues. What’s more, by placing the basins on top of a large vanity unit, you’ll gain some much-needed storage. Choose taps that are easy for little hands to manage, such as Mira’s Comfort range. These taps have a smooth, ergonomic curve, making them easy for everyone to use. A sturdy step-stool allows kids to reach higher surfaces and doubles up as a seat for mum or dad to perch on. 

Smart storage

Kids’ bathroom storage is essential for maintaining a clutter-free, well-organised space. Aim to keep all the toys and toiletries stored neatly away but close to hand – baskets or boxes on open ladder shelves or in cubby holes provide easy access to everything they need. Let each child have a basket or two of their own – either label with their name or assign them a specific colour – so they can quickly find their bathtime favourites and to encourage them to tidy up after themselves.

Hooks are a more convenient option for towel storage than a rail. Hang them low, so they can easily be reached, and label each hook with your children’s initials, so they can tell whose is whose. Cotton towels wash very well and are more absorbent. Look for colour-safe options, which stay bright for longer, and hollow-core varieties, which are especially quick-drying.

Lasting materials

When you’re designing any children’s room, it’s important to think of the amount of wear and tear it’s going to take. When you decorate, use a special-formula bathroom emulsion. Not only are these paints moisture and steam resistant, they’re also easy to wipe clean.

For flooring, luxury vinyl tiles are a good option as they’re hard-wearing and softer underfoot. Traditional ceramic tiles are long-lasting and available in lots of varieties, from plain and coloured tiles to patterned designs.

Walk-in showers are ideal for families. Our Flight Safe shower trays are scratch and chip resistant – perfect for heavy usage. They also have a market-leading anti-slip coating for added peace of mind. See our advice for family bathrooms for more tips. 

Do you have any smart ideas for decorating and organising kids’ bathrooms? Let us know. Tweet us @mirashowers or visit our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.