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How to deep clean your bathroom

Our helpful list of easy cleaning hacks and products for your bathroom

Monday 5th December 2016

Whether you love or loathe it, cleaning is an essential routine for all households, with cleaning experts suggesting we deep clean our bathrooms at least once a month. To help you start this arduous task we have put together a list of easy cleaning hacks and products for your bathroom.


Something that may not be considered in your routine clean is your showerhead, but a build-up of limescale, especially in hard water areas, can make a big difference to your water pressure and performance of your shower. However, this doesn’t mean that you need worry about removing and cleaning it after every shower, but we recommend regular descaling in very hard water areas. Once a month soak your showerhead in a plastic kettle descaling solution or vinegar and water solution to remove the white residue and your shower will feel as good as new. If time is of the essence, the Mira Everclear Single Spray Showerhead is ideal for your bathroom. The unique design actively resists limescale build up. It also includes an automatic drain and spray plate which keeps the limescale at bay. whether it's a handheld or a fixed deluge read of step by step guide to cleaning your showerhead, 

Whether it's a handheld or a fixed deluge here is a more detailed step by step guide to cleaning your showerhead.

Many household cleaners contain abrasives and chemical substances, and should not be used for cleaning plated or plastic fittings. Avoid using any harsh cleaning solutions on tiles around the shower and fittings.


Tiles are a key part of the bathroom; they are the centrepiece to the decoration and style of the room. As they cover the majority of the space, a lack of regular cleaning can result in a large and laborious task. A simple tool which is ideal for cleaning the bathroom is an old toothbrush. The fine bristles get into the grooves between the individual tiles and remove any unsightly grout. To make the cleaning process simpler leave the cleaning solution on for 30 minutes beforehand to loosen the stains, making them easier to remove with the toothbrush. Your bathroom will be left looking brand new.

Shower Enclosures & Trays

Dirt can quickly build up within the shower enclosure when it not cleaned on a regular basis. Over time, hard water and soap scum can develop making your shower unsightly and even hazardous with the residue making the floor tray slippery. Our Mira Leap Enclosure range features CleanCoat® technology and cleverly hidden mechanisms, making each of our enclosures incredibly easy to clean. A simple glass cleaner and microfibre cloth can be used on the door to leave it gleaming. The Mira Flight Safe range has BioCote® technology within it to reduce bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%, keeping your shower clean and sparkling. To keep your shower trays look pristine after showering pour hot soapy water around the tray and then wipe with a cloth. Try to avoid using gritty or abrasive cleaners.

Do you have any cleaning tips for the bathroom?

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