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How To Find The Perfect Plumber

  • Thursday 18 August 2022
  • 5 minute read

Whether installing a new shower, replacing fittings or upgrading old pipework, you’ll need help from a professional to ensure plumbing is carried out safely and efficiently. Finding a trusted plumber to complete the job can be tricky, but we’ve put together some tips to help you find the right tradesperson. So, to help you fulfil your plans without the risk of a botch job, we’ve shared some handy pointers when it comes to choosing a plumber.

Where to find trusted plumbers

Whilst a quick search online can bring up a list of plumbers in your area, it’s sometimes hard to know which company to contact. These are some of the best ways to establish whether a plumber is good and how to find trusted tradespeople. 

Recommendations and referrals

One of the best ways to find the perfect plumber near you is to ask for recommendations. Whether it’s a friend, family member or colleague, get honest feedback from people you trust about who they’ve used for any plumbing work.

It can also be reassuring if your plumber is DBS checked. This shows all spent and unspent convictions, cautions and warnings held by the individual. Whilst this is not necessary, it may help some people feel at ease.


Seeing what other people say about their experience with a plumbing service is a good indicator of what you can expect. Reviews can often be found on Google, the business’ website or social media pages. When scrolling through other people’s reviews, look for lengthy feedback that paints a positive picture, as excess three or four-word reviews could be a sign they are fake. Multiple bad reviews are a cause for concern, but if you find one or two negative reviews, don’t dismiss the company immediately. Instead, look at how they have responded to negative feedback, as this may indicate the level of customer service you can expect.

Mira shower replacement service

At Mira, we offer a range of installation and repair services, so you don’t need to worry about finding a plumber. We’ll send one of our expert engineers to install your new shower. You can rest assured the job will be done to the highest standard in a timely and professional manner. Discover more about our shower replacement service to take the hassle out of bathroom renovations.

Questions to ask before hiring a plumber

After you’ve found a prospective plumber for your project, there may be a few additional questions you’d like to ask for reassurance. Aside from the standard questions about cost, how long the work will take and when you can expect it to begin, these are some additional factors to consider.


While a newly qualified plumber can offer a fantastic service, they will have less experience and potentially fewer reviews or examples of previous work. Establish whether your installer will outsource any of the tasks to a contractor. Feel free to ask questions about their experience, as it’s helpful to know who will be working in your home.


Another red flag to look out for is if the plumber doesn’t guarantee their work. All work should be guaranteed in case something goes wrong or the plumber you employed can no longer finish the job, as the work you paid for will be completed regardless. Any new electrical work such as lighting, sockets or electric shower installations should be certified with an electrical body such as Elecsa, NAPIT or NICEIC.

Trade association membership

Whilst this isn’t a must-have for all plumbers, it is a good sign if a potential contractor has the seal of approval. Reputable bodies include the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) and the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE). This means the company meets their high standards for technical ability and customer service, offering extra reassurance for the customer.  Alternatively, check whether the plumber is WaterSafe accredited, as this can also help you distinguish trustworthy plumbers in your area. The certification is given by regional bodies that approve plumbers nationwide.

How much does it cost to hire a plumber?

Depending on the nature of the work that needs to be carried out by a plumber, costs will vary. We recommend collecting quotes from a few different plumbers before you decide who to hire. If the costs are similar across the board, they’re probably charging you a fair price. However, if one plumber comes back to you with a much higher quote than the rest, it’s often a telltale sign that they’re unreliable.

Can a plumber replace an electric shower?

If replacing your electric shower with a new model or changing parts and accessories, hire a plumber or an electrician to complete the work. Always ensure they’re confident with the job and have completed electric shower installations previously. If it’s less straightforward than swapping parts and any aspect of the plumbing or electrics needs altering, consult a plumber and electrician to ensure the work is done safely. For example, the shower is being moved to another location.

Ready to book your electric shower installation? Visit our online repairs booking service to schedule a visit from one of our professionals.

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