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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Solutions and ideas for a tiny bathroom

  • Wednesday 31 March 2021

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the home, but limited space doesn’t mean you can’t achieve practical and stylish results. The layout, colour scheme, fittings and storage can help give an illusion of space, making your small bathroom look and feel bigger. In this guide, we’ve compiled a range of small bathroom ideas – from quick fixes to complete renovations – to help you maximise your existing space. nitely bigger.

Small bathroom décor ideas 

Your bathroom décor can impact how big the space looks and feels. Opting for lighter colours, larger tiles, and carefully-considered lighting can make a huge difference. 

Choose neutral colours 

Bold patterns and colours can make a small bathroom feel crowded, so muted colours and neutral shades often work best. Off-white, beige, pale grey or soft pastel colours can open up the space, creating a blank canvas for simple accessories and furniture. Consider using a similar neutral shade for the flooring, as this fluidity will make the room appear bigger. 



Create illusions with tiling 

Small tiles may seem like the obvious choice for a small bathroom. In reality, numerous grouting lines can have the opposite effect, making your bathroom feel smaller. The same is true for patterned tiles, which can look too busy in small bathrooms. Using large tiles in a small bathroom will give a clean and more spacious appearance. 

When choosing tile colours for a small bathroom, opt for shades that match or complement the paint colour you’ve chosen for your walls, or stick to crisp and clean white. Read our step-by-step guide on tiling your bathroom if you’re planning a DIY renovation project. 

Consider lighting 

If your bathroom gets plenty of natural light, make the most of this by keeping windowsills clutter-free. Notice which areas get the most natural light and consider hanging a mirror there to help bounce light around the space. Overhead lighting is essential for brightening the room, especially in the early mornings and evenings. You could also incorporate soft, ambient lighting around your mirror or under your sink to create a relaxing atmosphere when it’s time to unwind.   

Small bathroom layout ideas 

Layout is another essential factor to consider if you want to maximise space in a small bathroom. From space-saving fixtures to smart storage solutions, there are many ways to reconfigure the design to make the most of the room.  

Swap your shower curtain for a glass screen 

An instant way to make your small bathroom feel bigger is to replace your shower curtain with a glassshower screen. Transparent glass allows more light to pass through your bathroom, giving the illusion of space. 

Think about fittings 

If your current bathroom fittings are bulky – for example, the toilet and sink – consider replacing them with a space-saving design. Low-height toilets, compact shower enclosures, and wall-hung toilets or sinks will increase floor space. Pair space-saving fittings with slimline fixtures for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. 

Choose a frameless shower unit 

Take minimalism to the next level with a frameless shower unit like the Mira Ascend. The absence of a frame creates the illusion of additional space whilst giving your bathroom a more contemporary look.  

Replace your bath with a shower 

If you’re prepared to sacrifice your bath for a shower, the extra space will make a huge difference to your bathroom. Opt for a shower enclosure that fits neatly into the corner of your bathroom, then choose a streamlined shower like the Mira Minimal EV or dual ERD. Alternatively, you could consider a two-in-one shower bath unit if you currently have a bath and separate shower enclosure. 

Be clever with storage  

Clutter can quickly overwhelm a small bathroom, so the right storage solutions will keep mess to a minimum. Reduce clutter on countertops and windowsills with wall-mounted cabinets. Mirrored cabinet doors will reflect light and make the space look bigger, doubling up as your over-sink bathroom mirror.  Under-sink cupboards or ladder shelving provide plenty of storage for towels, soaps and cosmetics without taking up much space. Shelves mounted above the door are great for storing spare products or lesser-used items, keeping them out of sight.   

Discover more of the best bathroom storage ideas in our helpful guide to maximise space in your small bathroom.