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How To Replace And Fit An Electric Shower


    • Tuesday 28 December 2021
    • 5 minute read

    If you want energy efficiency and instant hot water in your home, then electric showers are a brilliant choice. Electric showers run off a cold-water supply and our latest innovation has seen the introduction of Dual Electrics showers in our range.

    In this guide we’ll provide general step-by-step instructions for installing an electric shower, but please note that there are many different types of electric shower, and the exact installation instructions will vary depending on the type and the model you choose. You should always refer to our Installation and User Guides for your particular electric shower to ensure you get the very best experience out of all Mira products.

    We will always recommend that a professional plumber replace and install all showers in your home. You should only fit an electric shower yourself if you are competent and confident with DIY, as the shower will need to be connected to your mains electricity as well as your water supply. You’ll need to check the kW rating of your new shower, and you may need to change existing cables to withstand higher currents. If you have any doubts at all, you should hire a professional to carry out the work. Alternatively, We offer a shower replacement service for all Mira showers so book an appointment with us and we’ll come to replace your existing electric shower with a brand new model.

    For those that feel competent and confident, here’s a step-by-step guide to fitting an electric shower. But first, here’s what you’ll need.

    You will need


    • Screwdriver
    • Pencil
    • Drill with masonry bit

    Installing an electric shower

    Step 1

    Start by ensuring your electrical supply is turned off at the mains, and turn your water supply off too.

    Step 2

    If you’re replacing an old electric shower, then remove the old shower unit. Most electric shower units are secured with screws, so it should be easy to remove it using a screwdriver.

    Step 3

    Take your new shower unit and look for the water supply connection. All Mira electric showers have the choice of multiple connections to allow for easy replacement.

    Step 4 

    Unscrew the front cover of the new electric shower unit so that you can see the electrical connections within the unit, as well as the water connection.


    Step 5

    Mark the position of the new unit on your bathroom wall, including where the four new screw holes should be drilled. Then use a drill with a masonry bit to drill these holes, insert wall plugs, and screw the new unit on.

    Step 6

    Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the water supply and the electrical cables. If at any point you are unsure about these connections, consult a professional.

    Step 7

    Replace the cover of the unit, ensure dials align with the spindles, then screw the cover in place.

    Step 8

    If you are also fitting a new shower hose, shower head and slide bar, now’s the time to mount and connect these.

    Step 9

    When you are fully confident that your electric shower is properly installed, turn the power and water supply back on, test that it works, and enjoy your new shower!

    Mira electric showers

    At Mira, we have a wide range of electric showers to suit your needs. While electric showers occasionally break down as a result of limescale build-up, Mira Clearscale technology reduces the build-up of limescale by up to 50%, meaning a longer lasting and better performing shower - so you won’t have to replace it again anytime soon!

    Here are some of our most popular ranges:

    Mira Advance

    The latest Mira Advance range features market-leading technologies and is recognised with industry approvals for complete peace of mind. It’s visually optimised and audio enhanced, with large accessible controls to make it as user-friendly as possible. Mira Sport

    Mira Dual Electrics

    Here’s something new. The convenience and flexibility of an electric shower with the indulgence of dual heads. Our new electric dual shower range is all about giving you choice. Our range includes stylish options such as the Mira Decor Dual through to easy upgrade options with Mira Jump Dual and Mira Sprint Dual.

    Mira Elite SE

    The latest Mira Elite SE range of pumped electric showers features a new dual outlet experience so that you can switch between a rainfall shower and a handheld showerhead, and it also features silent showering thanks to the new brushless motor which can’t be heard when water is running, so you can enjoy a truly peaceful showering experience. This range of electric showers take cold water on low pressure, gravity fed systems and silently delivers a strong and consistent performance.

    Discover our full range of electric showers to find the perfect style for your bathroom.

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