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Make Your Bathroom a Creative Space for Kids

Make bath time child's play

  • Friday 12 July 2019

If you have little kids, you’ll know how hard it can be to get them enjoying their time in the bathroom. Whether you struggle with hair washing, drying, or just can’t keep your kids still while you brush their teeth, several creative solutions can save you the bathroom struggle and help your kids start seeing their daily routines as fun and exciting.

Fun for kids in the bathroom

Keeping kids still can be tough, but it’s an important skill to master when it comes to brushing their teeth, clipping their nails, or styling their hair. Next time you’re attempting the bathroom routine with your little one, try one of the following creative techniques for keeping them engaged:

  1. Bathroom games
  2. Daily routine songs
  3. Storytelling

Bathroom games

Bathroom games like eye-spy can keep little ones engaged while you wash them up ready for the day ahead. For a bit of variation, challenge them to guess what you’re thinking of in less than 20 questions, or take turns listing types of fruit, vegetables, or animals whose names start with each letter of the alphabet.

Daily routine songs

Inject fun into your kids’ daily routine by making up bathroom songs to sing together while you brush their teeth or style their hair. Not only will this help keep them engaged and still while you take care of them, but you’ll be left with sweet memories to last a lifetime.

Looking for the perfect shower songs for the kids? Listen to the Mira Showers Spotify playlist.


The long-standing parents’ favourite – bathroom storytelling is a great way to enchant little ones and keep them from squirming while you complete their bathroom routine. Get creative, you could even tell a chapter of your story every day, to get your kid excited about their time in the bathroom.

Fun for kids in the bath

The bath is the creative parent’s secret weapon – there’s no better time to let your child enjoy a little messy playtime than when the mess is isolated to the tub. There are several ways to inject creativity into your kids’ bath time, and all of them will keep them so engaged and excited that they might not even realise you’re washing their hair or scrubbing the muck of the day away.

Bath crayons

Washable bath crayons are the perfect bath time occupation. These chunky, colourful crayons let little ones draw scribbles and scenes on the sides of the bathtub, and are sure to keep them quiet while you clean them up. When it’s time to get out, the colour washes away easily, restoring the surface to a blank canvas ready for more fun tomorrow.

For creative crayon fun out of the bath, you can use bath crayons on the side of a sink or on a wipe-down shower enclosure.

Foam shapes

Pick up some foam bath shapes for your kids to stick on the sides of the tub and on wall panels during bath time. There are letters, numbers, animal shapes and more available to buy, all of which are great for imaginative play and colour recognition.

When bath time’s over, store your foamy bath shapes in a stylish wicker or fabric basket and tuck them away discreetly.


With just a little thought and planning, it’s easy to turn your bathroom into a fun, creative space for kids to enjoy without compromising on style. For more bathroom inspiration, keep exploring the Mira Showers blog.