By Kerry Hale

Choosing The Best Shower Hose For You: A Buying Guide

  • Friday 31 December 2021
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When it comes to kitting out your bathroom, a shower hose may well be fairly low down on your list of priorities. However, choosing the right shower hose can improve your showering experience and avoid the risk of having to replace it again anytime soon. From finding the right length and connections to picking the best material and design, there’s more to take into account than you might think.

To help you choose the best shower hose for your bathroom, we’ve put together this shower hose buying guide, including the most important things to consider before making your decision and the different types of Mira shower hose available.

Things to consider when choosing a shower hose:


The standard length for a shower hose is 1.25m, but there are often longer length options available. To decide which length to go for, consider whether your shower is over your bath or in its own cubicle. If it's over the bath, is the faucet very low down? If so, and if you or anyone you share your shower with is tall, you might need a longer length.


It’s important to choose a shower hose made from high-quality materials, as this will ensure it stands the test of time and doesn’t end up leaking. Metal hoses have long been considered the best option for durability, however nowadays there are plenty of hardwearing plastic options available, like those in the Mira Response range.


Most showers have a ½" connection, and most shower hoses are made with this in mind. However, some have a ¾" connection, so take the time to check the connection sizes before making your purchase. If you’re unsure, unscrew your old hose and measure it, or you could even take it to the shop with you. All Mira shower hoses have a standard ½" BSP connection.


The style of shower hose you decide on will depend entirely on personal taste. Metal is seen as a more traditional option, while plastic is seen as contemporary. That said, many plastic options imitate their metal counterparts, with a chrome finish. A chrome-coloured shower hose will match chrome showers and taps perfectly, or alternatively you might choose a white, black or even brightly coloured option to match your chosen bathroom décor scheme.

Types of shower hoses:

You’ll find loads of shower hoses to choose from online and in your local DIY shop, but these are the types of shower hose available from Mira. All Mira shower hoses are durable, anti-kink and easy to fit. They also feature a high flow design to increase the performance of your shower.

Mira Logic

The Mira logic is a strong, double interlocked metal hose with a stainless steel clad sleeve. Not only does it look smart and sleek, it also works with most showers on any system, and screws directly onto the shower or wall outlet. The Mira Logic is available in 1.25m and 1.75m lengths, and both are priced at £39.

Mira Response

The Mira Response shower hose brings you quality and reliability you come to expect. It works with most showers on any system, and it screws directly onto the shower or wall outlet. It’s made of plastic but it’s chrome coloured, so it matches beautifully with a chrome showerhead. The Mira Response is available in 1.25m and 1.75m lengths, and both options are £29.

Mira Response Smooth

Like the Mira Response, the Mira Response Smooth is made of chrome-coloured plastic. The difference is its smooth finish, which makes it even easier to clean. Simply wipe it over with a warm soapy cloth to keep it pristine. The Mira Response Smooth is 1.25m in length and is priced at £39.

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