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The Ultimate Guide To Mixer Showers

  • Wednesday 26 April 2023
  • 2 minute read

Is it time to upgrade your existing shower?

Learn more about Mira mixer showers in our guide to determine whether this design is suitable for your bathroom. Find how they work and what their benefits are compared to other types of showers.

What is a mixer shower?

A mixer shower is a type of shower that’s compatible with gravity-fed and mains pressure systems. They are available in various designs, including single, dual and triple outlets, and exposed valve (EV) and built-in valve (BIV) options to suit your preference.

How do mixer showers work?

Mixer showers take water from the hot and cold supply to create the perfect temperature. While electric showers heat water on demand from your cold supply using an electric heating element, a gas boiler is required to heat the water for a mixer shower.

Questions about mixer showers

What is the difference between a thermostatic shower and a mixer shower?

Thermostatic showers maintain a consistent water temperature to provide a safer and more enjoyable showering experience. You won’t have sudden bursts of hot or cold water if someone turns on a tap elsewhere in your home. This technology is used in some electric, mixer, digital and power showers. On the other hand, a manual mixer shower combines hot and cold water to create the perfect temperature but won’t maintain it if the water is turned on in another room.

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What are the pros and cons of mixer showers?

Mixer showers are easy to install and operate and are available in many different models to suit your bathroom design and lifestyle. They use a gas boiler to heat water rather than electricity, which is preferable for some homes. If you choose a thermostatic mixer shower, you can regulate the temperature for a more enjoyable showering experience.


However, manual mixer showers (without thermostatic technology) may experience sudden temperature changes when the water is switched on elsewhere in your home. Depending on where you install the shower, mixer showers require access to your hot and cold water supply, which may not be possible. If you have low water pressure, you may need to fit a shower pump to your mixer shower.

Learn more about the different types of showers available at Mira to find the best shower for your bathroom.  

Does a mixer shower need electricity?

Mixer showers don’t require electricity; they rely on your boiler for hot water. This can reduce your bills if you have higher electricity costs than gas.

Can you run a mixer shower off a combi boiler?

You can run a mixer shower off a combi boiler if you don’t have a shower pump installed, as they provide a high-pressure hot water supply.

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