By Kerry Hale

Top 6 Shower Curtain Alternatives

  • Wednesday 26 April 2023
  • 2 minute read

While plastic shower curtains are cheap, easy to change and suitable for family bathrooms, they aren’t always the right choice for your home.

Cleaning shower curtains can be tricky. Plus, they aren’t fully waterproof and could make the space look smaller or darker depending on the design you choose.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to shower curtains, from glass shower enclosures to bath screens and shower blinds. Discover six of the best ideas here to find the right option for your bathroom.

1. Shower enclosures

Although they are more costly to install than shower curtains, shower enclosures are an excellent investment for your bathroom. Not only will a glass or plastic shower enclosure protect your bathroom from water splashes, but they are also more durable than shower curtains and will let light into the space.

2. Over-bath shower screens

Over-bath shower screens are a great choice if you have a shower over bath rather than a separate shower enclosure. Like a shower enclosure, they can be made from glass or durable plastic, preventing water from splashing onto the floor or fixtures. Wondering whether to opt for a shower curtain or a screen? Find out more about the benefits of shower screens vs shower curtains in our guide.

3. Eco-friendly shower curtains

If you love the appearance of shower curtains, why not choose an eco-friendly alternative to plastic? Cotton or hemp shower curtains generally last longer than plastic. They’re also easier to clean and dry quicker. You can find eco-friendly shower curtains in a colour or pattern to complement your bathroom.

4. Shower blinds

Try shower blinds or a roll-up shower curtain to keep your bathroom feeling spacious and airy. The pull cord or roll-up design makes it easy to store them out of the way when the shower is not in use, giving a cleaner look than curtains. Shower blinds can be made from various materials, including plastic, cotton and hemp, and in different colours or prints to suit your preference.

5. Macrame shower curtains

For boho-inspired bathrooms, a macrame shower curtain makes a striking design feature. Although they might not be the most practical option for waterproofing your bathroom, they will help minimise splashes when showering.

The semi-opaque appearance of macrame offers privacy while showering and lets more light into the shower or bath area than plastic shower curtains. Plus, you can make macrame curtains yourself if you want to embark on a fun DIY project.

6. Wet rooms

Wet rooms are a modern bathroom design with several benefits. They’re functional, durable and give your space a sleek, minimalist appearance. A wet room includes a shower tray or drain fitted at floor height for accessibility and practicality. Glass shower enclosures or screens help brighten the shower area and make it feel more open, creating the ‘wet room’ effect. Learn how to create a wet room in our guide for more inspiration.

Ready to upgrade your shower curtain for a more premium alternative? Browse Mira’s range of shower enclosures. With so many designs, including pivot, hinge, sliding and bi-fold doors, and corner-entry, quadrant and pentagon enclosures, you’re bound to find the right solution for your bathroom.

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