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Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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Bathroom flooring ideas

Six of the best bathroom flooring options for style and safety

Wednesday 4th August 2021

Your bathroom flooring plays a huge part in the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, but also its functionality. It should make a visual impact and tie in with the rest of your bathroom décor, and it should also be comfortable, safe and easy to clean. With so many options to choose from, from tiles and natural stone to vinyl and lino, we’re on hand to help you narrow down your choices and make the best decision for your own personal space. Here we take a look at six key bathroom flooring ideas.

Plain tiles  

Tiles are one of the best options for your bathroom floor, both visually and practically. They’re durable, easy to clean and come in a wide range of styles and colours. If you’re decorating a small bathroom, consider large-format tiles for a clean, uninterrupted finish that creates the illusion of space, while in a large bathroom you can choose from virtually any size and colour you wish.  

Choose from a gloss or matt finish depending on the overall feel you want to bring to your bathroom – glossy tiles help to bounce light around and make the room feel bigger and brighter, while matt tiles add more definition and provide a natural feel. 

There's a tile to suit every budget, too, and you’ll also want to take into account installation costs unless you feel comfortable tiling your own bathroom. Make sure you buy tiles that are specifically designed for the floor, as these are more durable and provide better grip than tiles meant for walls.  

Patterned tiles 

With the same practicalities as their plain counterparts, patterned bathroom tiles add an extra level of interest to your bathroom floor and are a great way to inject some personality into the space. There is a wide range of patterns to choose from, from classic Victorian styles to monochrome checkerboard and terrazzo-effect tiles, as well as a broad spectrum of colours for you to experiment with.  

In smaller bathrooms, consider using small patterned tiles to create a border on your bathroom floor, and in particularly large bathrooms you could create a rug-like feature in the centre of the room to break up the space. 

While we tend to think of tiles being square or rectangular, you can also find tiles in interesting shapes like chevron and hexagons, which can be used to create unique and eye-catching patterns on your bathroom floor.  


Vinyl is a safe and cost-effective bathroom floor idea. It’s a good choice for family bathrooms as it’s water-resistant, making slips less likely, it’s comfortable underfoot and provides good insulation. It’s easier and cheaper to install than tiles – you can even do it yourself with basic tools and adhesive. 

Vinyl is available in a wide variety of styles and patterns, including designs that replicate natural materials like marble and wood, but without the hefty price tag. Which leads us nicely into our next bathroom flooring idea... 

Wood effect 

Wood adds a natural warmth to a space, but wood and water aren’t the best combination, which is why wood-effect flooring is a great bathroom flooring option. The most popular forms of wood-effect bathroom flooring are vinyl and tiles, and printing technology has advanced in a way that means you can find styles that really do look just like wood, but are significantly easier to maintain. 


Often confused with vinyl, the key difference between the two is that lino is made from natural and sustainable materials, while vinyl which is made synthetically. While both are water resistant and easy to clean, vinyl comes in a wider range of designs, but lino typically lasts longer and is a less toxic material. 

Choose lino for your bathroom flooring if you want an environmentally friendly option that will stand the test of time. 

Natural stone 

The majority of bathroom tiles are porcelain or ceramic, but at the more costly end of the spectrum you’ll also find tiles made from natural stone such as marble, granite and slate. These natural materials make a bold statement and are likely to add to the value of your home. If you have the budget, you may well wish to go for the real deal, but if not then it’s easy to find ceramic and porcelain tiles that replicate the effect but without the expense and maintenance. 

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