By Kerry Hale

Create An On-Trend Bathroom With Copper

  • Thursday 23 August 2018
  • 3 minute read

The warm glow of copper isn’t leaving our homes any time soon. However, rather than commit to copper taps or a copper bath, accessories and wall treatments are an easy way to introduce it in your bathroom, blending perfectly with graphite hues, deep emeralds and lashings of marble.

Add timeless appeal with a copper bathroom

Metallics are a natural fit with the sleek surfaces and crisp white pieces of a bathroom but until recently, silvery metals were the only option. Oozing a luxurious industrial look combined with rosy warmth, copper has been a welcome complement to chrome and nickel finishes, bringing with it a glamorous feel without veering into gaudy. The latest take on the trend plays on copper’s affinity with nature, its warm tones providing a visual link between this year’s dark leafy greens, soothing neutral greys and a continued love of marble tiles.

Whether you’re embracing your inner maximalist with multiple hits, or prefer a more understated vibe, copper is the metal of the moment that’s set to stay.

Tile with style

Rather than being a place to dash in and out of, many of us spend more time in the bathroom, soaking in the tub or enjoying a refreshing drench at the end of a day. It’s precisely because of this that our bathroom décor has started to take on more of a lounge feel, and that includes striking statement walls. Copper-finished panels, such as Original Style’s Glassworks Copper Leaf Bold Decorative Glass tiles, are the perfect way to evoke the feel of a shimmering copper bathroom with the bonus of reflecting light around the space to make it feel bigger.

Wall-to-wall shine can be overwhelming, so be sure to use copper tiles in one main area, such as behind a shower area or a bath, or to frame a vanity unit. If you love the look, you can continue them on a smaller scale, such as within shelving recesses or on the opposite side of a dwarf wall. Try pairing copper tiles with large-format marble-effect tiles or for a dramatic twist, smoky slate flagstones.

Create a focal point

Minimal spotlights are useful for general illumination but for standout style, a pendant is a must. Copper bathroom light fittings come in a variety of styles – from polished globes to vintage-style cage lights and industrial wirework fixtures. If ceiling height is limited, think about wall lights instead. These look especially effective either side of a mirror or a bathtub. Make sure any lights installed in your bathroom are IP-rated appropriately for the area in which they’ll be used.

Another option for a focal point is a copper-clad radiator – for a warm feel as well as actual heat. There’s no need to worry about moisture resulting in copper’s usual greenish patina – for example, a protective lacquer means Bisque’s Classic radiator in Rose Copper will stay shiny.

Accessorise with confidence

One of the best things about copper is that it complements other metals incredibly well, so it’s easy to dot a few pieces around without the worry of it clashing with chrome. All you need to do is keep the style the same – for example, more modern mirrored copper accessories work well alongside a contemporary shower, such as Mira’s Evoco Dual in brushed nickel or chrome, while burnished, rustic or antique copper finishes are the perfect match for a traditional fixture, such as the Mira Realm.

Decorate gradually and it’ll be clear what style works best where. Smaller pieces, such as’s Rone tumbler and soap dispenser set, can be used on a display shelf alongside some leafy green plants, around a vanity or on top of a basin mixed with a marble soap dish. If you want to add more layers, you can introduce a copper-coloured pedal bin or pieces made from real copper piping. Stylish, simple and yet luxurious, a copper-themed bathroom is the last word in cool.

Find the right style shower for your copper-inspired bathroom at Mira.

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