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Fun Family Bathroom Design Ideas

  • Thursday 09 March 2023
  • 6 minute read

As one of the busiest rooms in the home, your family bathroom design should be practical, durable and low maintenance.

However, it should still be stylish, relaxing enough for adults to enjoy, and a fun space for kids at bath time. Discover the best family bathroom ideas to balance functionality, fun and calm. 

Childproofing your bathroom

You can make many simple swaps to ensure your bathroom is safe and enjoyable for children. Replacing glass storage or shelving with shatterproof plastic or resin can help avoid breakages, while mirrors should be safely hung on walls to prevent them from toppling over.

Double-ended baths

Unlike traditional baths, where the taps sit at one end, double-ended baths feature taps in the middle of the tub. They’re an excellent choice for family bathrooms, as there’s plenty of space for two children to get in the bath at once. Plus, there’s less risk of little ones banging their heads. Shop the double-ended Mira Flight Bath for a spacious and comfortable option for your family bathroom.

Easy-to-use taps

When selecting fittings for your family bathroom, choose taps that are easy for little hands to manage. The Mira Comfort taps have a smooth, ergonomic curve, making them easier to operate while being a stylish and modern addition to any bathroom. Explore our range of taps to find the perfect fittings for your home. 

Step stools

A sturdy step stool lets kids safely reach higher surfaces like the bath, sink and toilet. It also doubles up as a seat for adults to use during bath time. Choose a compact design that takes up minimal space in your bathroom or a bright colour to add some personality to the room.

Non-slip bath mats

Things can get lively at bath time, so non-slip bathmats are essential to prevent accidents. In addition, our shower trays are developed with anti-slip technology to keep everyone safe in the shower. 


With many people using one bathroom, it can quickly become messy, so ample storage is essential. Avoid cluttering surfaces by installing cupboards, cabinets and shelves. Then, allocate each family member a drawer, box or basket to organise their toiletries or bathtime toys.  

In addition, hooks are more space-efficient than towel rails. Hang them low, so little ones can easily reach them. You could label each peg with initials, colours or animals for a fun touch while making it easier for everyone to identify their towel. 

If you have the space, consider doubling up on vanity units. This will increase storage and adds another sink, which is invaluable in a family bathroom. Learn more about the benefits of a Jack and Jill bathroom in our guide.  

Easy-to-clean materials

If you’re painting the walls, use a waterproof bathroom emulsion. These paints are moisture and steam resistant while being easy to wipe clean. Tiled bathroom walls or wall panels may be easier to clean than paint, and splash marks will be less prominent. Slip-resistant or luxury vinyl tiles are a good option as they’re hard-wearing and softer underfoot. 

Brightly coloured accents

Bring some colour into your family bathroom with patterned wallpaper or paint. You could choose a theme like under the sea to capture your child’s imagination. Alternatively, introduce an accent shade with bathmats, towels, plants and other bathroom accessories if you prefer a minimal look.

Make bathtime fun

There’s no better time to let your child enjoy messy play than in the bath. Plus, it’s the ideal distraction while you wash them, making bath time easier for everyone. Washable bath crayons, water-safe toys and foam shapes allow your child to get creative, learn or play in the bath. They’re small enough to store in a basket or box, meaning less clutter in your bathroom.

The best showers for family bathrooms

The shower or bath is one of the most important aspects of any family bathroom. Whether you opt for a bath/shower unit or a walk-in shower, there are plenty of ways to make these aspects child friendly.

Shower over bath

Not only does a shower over bath save space in smaller bathrooms – they’re an excellent choice for kids and adults alike. Bathing is much easier and safer for young children, but with a bath/shower unit, you can slowly introduce them to showering once they’re old enough. In addition, adults can enjoy a relaxing bath after a busy day parenting or a quick shower when time is tight.

Dual showers

Rainfall shower heads are a luxurious option for adults but aren’t as easy for children to use. Instead, choose Mira Dual double showers to enjoy the best of both worlds. This design features an overhead deluge head, and the additional handheld showerhead can be adjusted to the correct height, so it’s perfect for all the family.

Thermostatic showers

Many of our digital, mixer, electric and power showers at Mira feature thermostatic temperature control, making them ideal for family bathrooms. This maintains a consistent and safe temperature even if someone else in your home uses the hot water while your child is showering. Looking to upgrade your shower? The Mira Vigour thermostatic dual shower is the perfect choice for a family bathroom.

Accessible showers

Consider adding grab rails or shower seats to your bathroom for even safer showering and bathing. These accessible features benefit users of any age, especially young children or those with reduced mobility. Explore Mira’s Shower Accessories range to find products for accessible bathrooms.

Shower curtain or shower enclosure?

If you’re wondering whether a shower curtain or shower enclosure is best for your family bathroom, both have pros and cons. Shower curtains can be a fun design feature, especially in themed family bathrooms or if you want to add colour to the space. While affordable and customisable, shower curtains aren’t as sturdy or waterproof as shower enclosures and may need replacing frequently.

Whether glass or plastic, shower enclosures are durable, timeless and easy to clean. However, plastic shower screens are safer and more affordable than glass. Shower screens help keep the bathroom dry and provide extra stability for little ones learning to shower. Plus, if they enjoy getting creative with washable bath crayons and foam shapes, a shower enclosure doubles up as their canvas.

Questions about family bathrooms

What is the ideal bath temperature for kids? 

The safest bath temperature for children is between 37˚C and 38˚C, or 36˚C for newborns. Since children’s skin is much more sensitive than adults’, you should test the water first to see if your skin turns red. If so, it’s too hot. For baths with separate hot and cold taps, mix the water before letting your child get in to ensure the heat is evenly distributed. You can also use a thermometer to get the temperature right or install anti-scald devices on hot taps. 


When can children start showering? 

While there’s no golden rule and every child is different; most children can start using a shower around age six to seven. They may need assistance switching the shower on and off, but they should be able to wash themselves unassisted. Explore the best showers for children in our range to find the right model for your home. 


Planning a family bathroom renovation? Make the process hassle-free with Mira’s shower replacement service. Our expert engineers can fit your new shower and remove the old one.

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