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Guest Bathroom Ideas

  • Monday 10 May 2021
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If you’re hosting overnight guests, you’ll want to give them the best impression of your home and ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible. When you’re putting together your guest bedroom and bathroom and preparing it for friends and family, be sure to consider cleanliness, organisation, and the provision of essentials.

From toiletries and extra loo roll to updating the room with shiny new fittings, here are several ideas to make your guest bathroom as practical and welcoming as possible. 


It might seem obvious, but providing your guests with toiletries can make them feel much more comfortable when spending the night in your home. We’ve all unpacked on a trip to discover a missing toothbrush, comb, or sanitary product – ensure your guests don’t have to worry by providing them with all they might need, without them having to ask you. 

Easy-to-provide toiletries that your guests might appreciate include: 

  • Toothpaste 
  • A toothbrush 
  • Hand soap 
  • Shampoo 
  • Conditioner 
  • Body wash 
  • Body lotion 
  • Extra toilet paper 
  • Tissues 
  • Clean towels


Make sure your guests have access to plenty of clean towels – there should be at least one per guest available, an extra hand towel, and possibly smaller hair towels too. If you have space, put a laundry basket in your guest bathroom so your visitors have somewhere to throw towels once they’ve been used.

Alternatively, if your guests are staying for more than one night, make sure there’s a towel rail in their bathroom, or a hook on the back of the door at the very least, so they aren’t left wondering what to do with a wet towel they’ll want to use again. 

Tip: If you have guests staying with you for more than a couple of nights, you might want to offer to change their towels mid-way through their visit.

Extra toilet paper 

No guest wants to have to ask their host for extra toilet paper, nor does anybody want to find themselves on the loo with none at hand – make sure your guests have access to plenty of extra toilet paper to spare everyone the potential embarrassment.

To store spare toilet paper stylishly, pile it into a wicker hamper or fabric basket and tuck it into a corner, under the sink, or keep it conveniently beside the toilet. 

A bin 

Make sure there’s a bin in your guest bathroom – it’s easy to overlook when you’re focusing on toiletries and design, but it’s perhaps the most important thing to remember. The last thing you want is for your guest to leave their bathroom waste on the side, and they’ll want to avoid carrying used cotton wool buds, tissues, and tampon wrappings through your house to the kitchen bin.

Placing a discreet bathroom bin in the corner or underneath some low shelving is the best way to keep everyone happy. 

Tip: Line your guest bathroom bin with a small bin bag for easier changes.


The finishing touch is scent, it sets the tone and can help your guests settle into their temporary bathroom environment. Before your guests arrive, be sure to air out the bathroom to get rid of any mustiness, then whether you choose a fresh bunch of flowers, a sweet-scented diffuser or a luxurious candle and matches, make sure your guest bathroom is smelling divine. It’s a good idea to provide air freshener too, to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.

Fixtures and fittings

If you think your guest bathroom could do with a slightly bigger transformation and you have a budget to work with, then there are plenty of design and décor ideas to consider, as well as some more practical aspects. 

Boost the flow of your water with a shower pump or invest in a digital shower to give your guests a truly luxurious experience. If you’re considering a full renovation and space allows for it, consider installing a double sink in your guest bathroom, or make small changes by updating your bathroom parts and accessories to instantly give the room a new lease of life, whether that’s a new shower head or new taps for the basin or the bath

With every element of your guest bathroom considered, you can rest assured that your overnight visitors will feel relaxed and at home. Explore our full range of taps, or for more design innovation and style guides, keep exploring the Mira Showers blog

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