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How to create a spa in your own bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a haven of indulgence and pampering

  • Tuesday 31 May 2022

As much as we wish it weren’t so, it’s probably not economically sensible to go to a spa every time we feel like destressing, unwinding or spoiling ourselves. Life can be unfair that way. But there’s a solution closer to hand than you may think: a home spa.

If you’ve taken a trip to a spa, you’ll be lucky enough to know that feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation that you’re left with after your visit. From sophisticated décor that gives a spa that luxurious feel to tranquil treatments and products that help reduce stress and leave you looking and feeling fresh, a spa-styled bathroom is easy to achieve with our simple bathroom makeover tips.

Wonder walls

Start with the basics for your spa at home. If you have neon pink bathroom walls or very busy wallpaper, then it might not be quite the den of calm you need it to be. Choose earthy, natural colours to set the mood. Think soft, pale greens, browns and creams. A soft stone colour would be perfect for a smaller room, where neutrals better create a sense of calm and space. Farrow & Ball’s Purbeck Stone is a great balance between contemporary and soothing.

To create a spa-style bathroom, tiles are your new best friend. Choosing a natural stone or glossy marble will transform your bathroom into a sanctuary that not only looks like a spa but feels like one too. Looking for inspiration? We have 14 bathroom tile ideas to suit spaces big and small.

Soft and gentle

If you’re going to create an authentic feel for your spa treatments at home, you need to ditch those scratchy, hair dye-stained towels, or at least set them aside for another time. Upgrade your bath mat, dressing gown and towels to something that feels like the ultimate in luxury as soon as it touches your skin. Keep the colours neutral and uniform and go for as fluffy as you can find. Follow our towel-washing guide to keep them in prime condition. If you have a decent budget, you might think about installing a heated towel rail or, if you’re very fancy, a towel-warming drawer.

Mood lighting

Out of necessity, bathroom lighting tends to be bright, bright, bright, which is great when you need to see what you’re doing but less brilliant when you want to relax. If it’s possible, put your lights on a dimmer switch (it’s also great if you need the toilet in the night and don’t want to be shocked awake with floodlights). If you can’t put the lights on a dimmer, then arrange an array of alternatives to the main lights. Candles are excellent, but you can also try some small lamps, making sure they’re away from the water.

Heaven scent

Some people are more susceptible to olfactory influences than others, but a soothing scent works to calm pretty much everyone. Stock up with a variety of fragrances to enhance your mood in the shape of candles, diffusers and shower and bath products. Lavender is aromatherapy’s answer to a warm glass of milk, bergamot is calm incarnate, while rose geranium is an exceptional mood booster.

Entertainment bliss

Playing music and opting for your favourite slow-tempo tunes while showering or bathing can be a great way to relax. After all, singing has been proven to have a multitude of positive mental and physical health benefits. Discover the perfect bathroom playlist to truly unwind and take your home spa experience to the next level. Or, if you prefer getting lost in a novel, find the best books to read in the bath and enjoy some well-deserved you time.

Natural greenery

In most spas, you will usually find a selection of earthy plants dotted all around for the ultimate relaxation setting, that’s why greenery is a great way to achieve that spa-like feel in your bathroom. If you are short on window space, hanging spider plants are a great option as they tolerate low light and are typically low maintenance. For a real zen atmosphere, try adding bamboo to your bathroom, it’s a fast-growing plant so will need to be repotted regularly although if you place it under a shelf, it will only grow as big as the space it’s confined to. Use our guide to discover which plants thrive best in your bathroom.


Finishing touches

Now you have replaced your old towels with new, hung the perfect plants and found that new novel, all that’s left to do is add the finishing touches to your bathroom and enjoy.

A simple switch of your bathroom fittings can make a huge difference when creating a spa-like environment. Incorporating a walk-in shower into your bathroom can transform your space into contemporary heaven giving you that spa-like atmosphere that we all know and love. Once you’ve found the perfect shower for you, try switching up your showerhead to create your ideal showering experience, whether it’s powerful and invigorating or soothing and relaxing, you can explore our Mira Shower Accessories to find a shower that will suit your style and needs.

Why not try a bath tray and use it to prop up your glass of champagne? You’ve earned it. Or invest in some luxurious bathroom accessories so that your space can be transformed into an indulgent sanctuary with some simple swaps. Try a matching hammered copper soap dish, mirror, and baskets throughout to contribute to that touch of luxury.

Looking for more bathroom inspiration? Explore our online bathroom design tool to discover which Mira products best suit your space.