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The Shower Over Bath Buying Guide

  • Wednesday 10 August 2021
  • 4 minute read

A shower bath is quite simply a shower over a bath. It's a multi-purpose, space-saving solution that is ideal for small bathrooms where there isn’t space for a bath and a separate shower enclosure, giving you the best of both worlds. A bath with a shower is a popular choice for family bathrooms, with different tastes and requirements catered to, and it’s ideal when you’re partial to a long relaxing soak in the tub as well as an invigorating spray. Read on to find out about the different types of shower bath to help you choose the best shower bath combo for your bathroom.

Different types of shower bath

Straight shower baths

The most common type of bathtub is a straight bath. It’s small and compact, and it’s the best shower bath option for small bathrooms where space is severely limited. You can choose between a shower screen and a shower curtain to prevent water from splashing out.

L-shaped shower baths

With an L-shaped bath, the showering end of the bath is slightly wider, so you have extra room when standing at that end. The edges of an L-shaped bath are straight, for an angular and contemporary aesthetic, with a straight glass screen to match.

P-shaped shower baths

P-shaped baths are similar to L-shaped ones, but with curved edges instead of straight and a matching curved screen. The shower is mounted above the P-section, giving your more space for a more comfortable showering experience.

Freestanding shower baths

For a traditional aesthetic, a shower can be mounted above a freestanding bath. In this case, the shower is usually positioned at the centre of the bath, instead of at one end. As there are no walls to prevent water from splashing out, extra precautions will need to be taken.

Shower bath sizes

You’ll find shower baths available in a range of sizes to suit different bathrooms, from tiny 1200mm lengths right up to 1800mm. L- and P-shaped baths are wider than standard baths – up to 150mm wider – so always measure your space before choosing a new bath.

Many L- and P-shaped shower baths are available in either a left- or right-handed option, so take care to choose the correct option for your bathroom layout. With straight shower baths, you can fit the shower screen on either side.

Shower bath accessories

Bath shower screen

To keep your bathroom dry, you’ll want to hang a shower curtain or install a glass bath shower screen. A glass screen will make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter, and it’s certainly a more modern option. The type and shape of bath shower screen you choose will depend on the type of shower bath you decide on.

Bath panels

All baths except freestanding baths require a bath panel to complete the look, providing a seamless finish. Bath panels are available in a range of sizes, and you’ll even find options in different colours and finishes.

Bath taps

No bath is complete without a stylish set of bath taps. We have a wide range of bath taps for you to choose from, including pillar taps, filler taps or a bath/shower mixer, each in a variety of styles so that you can find an aesthetic that suits your desired bathroom décor scheme. Find out more about choosing the best taps in our bathroom taps buying guide.

Shower head

We also have a wide range of shower heads for you to choose from to enhance your showering experience, from single, multi-spray and fixed options to deluge showerheads for a drenching spa-like drench. We also have a range of eco shower heads that deliver a powerful flow, while using less water, so you can do your bit for the planet while you shower.

Explore the full Mira bath range and find the best shower bath for your bathroom.

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