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Dual and Double Showers

Make choice an everyday luxury

Dual shower systems comprise two shower heads in one unit: a fixed shower head and a hand-held one. The two-in-one setup means you can personalise your shower experience by switching between an indulgent rainfall showerhead or the invigorating jet of a handset to shower exactly as you'd like in the moment. Learn more about the key benefits of double and dual showers over a single-outlet shower here.

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Mira's dual showers are available across our mixer, electric and digital shower ranges, so there’s a Mira dual to suit every bathroom. If you're looking to keep your water usage low even with a double shower, our electric dual showers, like the Mira Azora Dual, are perfect for you. Our dual digital showers, such as the Mira Mode, also allow you to have both showers on at the same time. If you're on the lookout for a concealed shower with the temperature control of a mixer shower, look no further than our Mira Evoco Dual.

If two outlets aren't enough to indulge you, take a look at our new Mira Evoco triple outlet range.


Dual Digital Showers

Double the shower, double the performance, with our Dual Digital Showers.

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Dual Mixer Showers

Mira Dual Mixer showers offer a perfect blend of style and performance.

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Dual Electric Showers

The new electric dual shower range is all about giving you choice.

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New Dual Electric Showers

Here’s something new. The convenience and flexibility of an electric shower with the indulgence of dual heads. Use the deluge for a relaxing drench. Or the powerful handset for speed and convenience. All with the simplicity of an electric shower.

Dual Electric Showers
Dual Mixer Showers

Two showerheads combine to deliver one premium experience. With their contemporary finish, Mira Dual Mixer showers offer a perfect blend of style and performance. See the brand new Mira Opero range, available in three finishes.

Dual Mixer Showers
The Ultimate Experience

Enjoy a spa-like drench from the rainfall showerhead & four unique spray experiences from our handsets. Our latest digital showers are app-enabled - which brings more functionality and more control – right to your fingertips.

Dual Digital Showers
Tips for Bathroom Renovation

Follow our top tips to revamp and refresh your bathroom space.

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Family Bathroom Ideas

Make the design process much easier with Mira's family bathroom tips.

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Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Follow our guide on how to make the most of your small bathroom space.

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Upgrade to a Dual Shower

You can buy one of our Dual Outlet showers direct and have it fitted by our Mira Service engineers. Book online or contact our customer service.

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Shower Types Explained

At Mira, we know that finding the right shower for you can be tricky – understanding water systems and shower types can be difficult. As our dual showers feature across mixer, electric and digital let us help you find the best shower type for you.

Showers Explained