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How to descale your shower head

Keep your showerhead sparkling with our cleaning tips

Wednesday 10th May 2017

Kettles, irons, showerheads: anything that comes into regular contact with hard water will inevitably lead to limescale. And as limescale builds up, showerheads get blocked, affecting the water flow and taking the shine off your shower. But descaling a shower head doesn’t have to be a difficult chore.

Before you go spending excessive amounts on expensive cleaning sprays filled with chemicals, take a look at our tried and tested guide to descaling a shower head.

Not all showerheads are removable, meaning that descaling a fixed shower head can seem a bit trickier than an adjustable one. However, as with any problem that involves limescale, your first port of call should always be vinegar.

Method 1: Vinegar

A quick internet search on how to descale any household object will nearly always lead to white vinegar. Even sensitive items like sterilisers for baby bottles are in safe hands. When using vinegar to descale a shower head, the first thing to get right is the type of vinegar. Malt vinegar isn’t particularly effective and brown vinegar may stain, so white distilled vinegar is best.

Handheld shower heads:

  1. Remove the showerhead from the hose. Be careful not to lose the rubber washer when you do as this stops water from leaking between the head and the hose.
  2. Put the shower head in a bucket or plastic container and cover it with white vinegar.
  3. Leave the shower head to soak in the vinegar for at least 30 minutes, preferably around an hour. If your shower head is brass, do not leave it in the vinegar for any longer than 30 minutes.
  4. Take the shower head out of the vinegar and rinse it with water.
  5. Remove any remaining limescale with an old toothbrush, paying special attention to the nozzle.
  6. Rinse again with water and polish with a soft cloth.
  7. Reattach to the hose and turn on the shower to flush out any remaining limescale.

Fixed shower heads:

  1. Take a plastic bag that is big enough to fit over your showerhead and half fill it with vinegar.
  2. Place it over the head until the head is completely submerged in the vinegar and use some string or an elastic band to tie it in place.
  3. Leave for at least 30 minutes, preferably around an hour. If your shower head is brass, do not leave it in the vinegar for any longer than 30 minutes.
  4. Turn on the shower to flush out any deposits left inside the showerhead.
  5. Repeat the process if necessary until all the limescale has gone.

Method 2: Specialist limescale cleaners

Many brands make sprays specially designed to remove limescale. If you’ve got a heavy build-up that is proving resistant to vinegar, then your local supermarket will most likely stock an array of sprays that will do the job. However, be careful when using these that you don’t spray overhead and accidentally get chemicals in your eyes.

Method 3: Prevention

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure and the Mira Everclear showerhead is specially designed to prevent the build-up of limescale. It’s perfect for people who don’t like the smell of vinegar and don’t fancy attacking their shower with harsh chemicals.

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