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Mira Recommends: Bathroom Buying Guides & Shower Advice

Not sure which type of shower is best for your combi boiler system? Maybe you need some advice on working out the ideal height of your bathroom fittings? If you're in need of bathroom and shower advice, you've come to the right place - our buying guides will take you from clueless to clued-up, whether your looking for your ideal shower enclosure type or learning what exactly you should look for in a shower tray. Our bathroom buying guides come packed with useful tips and tricks for making these big decisions in your space, so you can be sure you've thought of everything.

Shower Door Buying Guide

Find out which shower door is right for you

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Safe Shower Head

Practical and safety advice from our product team

Too Hot or Cold: How Seasonal Weather Affects Your Shower

If your electric shower is too hot or too cold, it could be because of seasonal changes

The Ultimate Guide to Mixer Showers

Explore our ultimate guide to mixer- & thermostatic showers

Top 6 Shower Curtain Alternatives

Eco Shower Heads Buying Guide

The Ultimate Bathroom Taps Buying Guide

A look at the different types of taps you could choose for your bathroom

Top 8 Shower & Bathroom Aids for Accessible Bathrooms

How to create an accessible bathroom

Getting the Height Right: Standard Bathroom Fixtures Height Guide

When it comes to bathroom planning, the height of your basin, bath and shower really matters

Style Guide for Matching Showers & Taps

Create a complete bathroom look with style-matched shower and taps

Electric Showers Q&A | Expert Answers

All of your electric shower questions answered

Thermostatic Shower Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about thermostatic showers

The Best Electric Shower For Your Home

Our Guide on Choosing Which Electric Shower to Buy

What Size Bath Do I Need?

A guide to finding the right bathtub size for your space

7 Different Types of Showerheads and Styles

We help explain the different types of showerheads available

Choosing The Best Shower Hose For You: A Buying Guide

Learn how to choose the best shower hose for your bathroom

The Ultimate Guide to Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Everything you need to know about quadrant shower enclosures

The Best Shower Temperature for Your Body & Hair

The best shower water temperature for different circumstances

Best Shower Bath Screens: The Buying Guide

Tips to help you choose the best bath screen for your bathroom

The Bathroom Accessories Buying Guide

Bathroom accessory ideas for any style and budget

Choosing The Best Water Pump For Your Shower

A complete guide to shower pumps

Types of Shower Trays - A Buying Guide

How to choose the best type of shower tray for your bathroom

Shower Enclosures Buying Guide

How to choose the best shower enclosure for your bathroom

Bath buying guide

How to choose the best bath for your bathroom

5 reasons to consider a double shower

Explore how dual showers can enhance your bathroom experience

Shower Curtain or Shower Bath Screen: which is better?

How to keep your bathroom dry without compromising on style

The best showers for a combi boiler system

Make sure your new shower is compatible with your combi boiler system

kW ratings explained

A practical guide to understand the kW rating of electric showers

Hot, Hot, Hot Showers

We recommend how to adjust your Mira Shower during the warmer weather

Small changes to the bathroom

Simple & Low Cost upgrades to your bathroom

Five features of Mira mixer showers

Combinations in the home

Contemporary vs. traditional bathroom design