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Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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Bathroom taps buying guide

A look at the different types of taps you could choose for your bathroom

Tuesday 31st August 2021

Whether you’re carrying out a major bathroom renovation or looking for quick and easy ways to update your home, new taps can make a surprisingly huge difference to not only the style, but the functionality of your bathroom.

With several different types of taps to choose from for both your basin and your bath, as well as a wide range of design choices, there’s something to suit every bathroom. The type of taps you choose will depend on a range of factors, including whether you have one or two tap holes, whether your sink is round or square, and the overall style you’re looking to achieve in your bathroom.  

In this guide we’ll help you to understand the different types of taps and the different styles available. 

What are the different types of taps? 

Monobloc bathroom taps are designed for basins with only one tap hole. They combine water from the hot and cold water streams, mixing the two to create the perfect temperature. Mixer taps are ideal for households with children, as there’s less chance of the water coming out scalding hot or freezing cold. 

Basin pillar taps come as a pair, with one for hot water and one for cold water, so they’re designed for basins with two tap holes. Pillar taps are probably the most common taps found in bathrooms in the UK, and there are a range of design options to choose from. 

The first of three types of bath taps, bath pillar taps feature two taps that independently control the flow of hot or cold water, just like basin pillar taps. That means you can manually use the two handles to choose how much hot water and how much cold water fills your bath. 

Bath filler taps combine water from your hot and cold water systems before flowing into your bathtub and creating the perfect relaxing bath. They are available for both single and double tap holes, and feature either one or two taps to control the flow and temperature of the water.  

A bath/shower mixer features a bath filler tap and a handheld showerhead on a hose, so it’s an ideal option for shower baths. This form of tap is also available to suit baths with either one or two tap holes, and features either one or two taps. Simply turn on the tap(s) and divert the water through either the bath filler tap or the handheld showerhead at your preferred temperature.  

Now you know the different types of taps, you can start thinking about what style you’d like to choose... 

Mira Precision Mixer Monobloc

Different bathroom tap styles 

  • Contemporary 

For a contemporary bathroom design, looks for taps with crisp lines and sleek curves. The Mira Precision tap range brings a touch of elegance and a distinctive new dimension to your contemporary bathroom.  

The Mira Precision Bath/Shower Mixer allows you to divert between the filler and two spray mode showerhead at a touch of a button, on the side of the spout.  

  • Traditional & Timeless 

If you’re designing a traditional bathroom, look for quintessential Victorian design. The Mira Virtue tap range does traditional just right, with crosshead blade handles and ceramic glazed markers for the hot and cold sides. For a real statement, the Mira Virtue Bath/Shower Mixer is perfect for a freestanding bath.  

An alternative to the classic design of Virtue sees modern design and timeless sophistication infused together to create the Mira Revive tap range. Featuring striking curves and unique handle designs, Mira Revive is as at home in a contemporary as it is a traditional bathroom. 

Mira Virtue Bath/Shower Mixer

  • Cubist  

Take contemporary design one step further with understated cubist taps. The Mira Honesty tap range juxtaposes hard angles with softened corners, making it the perfect ‘family-friendly’ tap. Its cubist simplicity makes the Mira Honesty tap range a popular choice for the modern bathroom, especially on a squared basin. On the Bath/Shower mixer tap the push button is integrated on to the spout allowing you to easily divert between the bath filler and the handheld shower. 

We also have a Mira Honesty mixer shower range that style matches with the taps range so that you can create an entirely cubist bathroom look. Available as a single outlet or dual showering bar valve. 

  • Geometric  

If your basins are more circular in design then you need a tap to complement that, and a geometric design could be just the right thing. Geometric style takes on a contemporary twist with the Mira Evolve tap range. Its fluid design brings a visually stunning yet neat and simple look to any bathroom as well as making it easy to clean.  

The Bath/Shower Mixer features a push button on the spout to easily divert between the bath filler and handheld shower. 

  • Iconic 

For a real centrepiece, the award-winning Mira Fluency Monobloc tap is a must-have. Notice how its “raceway” lever appears to hover above its spout? Mira Fluency’s fluid beauty and elegant design is combined with the geometric precision of its manufacturing. Don’t just take our word for it – its iconic design has been accredited with the prestigious Red Dot design award

  • Simple and classic 

The Mira Comfort tap takes an already recognised style of tap and brings it up to date. Its sleek looks and ease of use make this tap a firm favourite. Its familiar design suits any style of bathroom, making this perfect finishing touch. Featured across the entire taps range is the integrated flow straightener, which ensures ease of cleaning.   

Mira bathroom taps: The Aspects Collection 

Our stunning range of bathroom taps has been designed and engineered here in the UK. As with our showers, trays and enclosures, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and only the highest quality materials for quality taps.  

Specifically, we use a high-pressure die-casting process to manufacture our Mira taps, allowing for a greater level of quality in the form and finishing of the collection. Plus, unlike other taps, the Aspects Collection has been designed to work on all pressures and systems, ensuring a genuine performance even at low water pressure. With a 5-year guarantee included as standard, your new Mira tap comes with added peace of mind. 

Take a closer look at the Aspects collection and find the Mira tap to suit your look.