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Eco Shower Heads Buying Guide

  • Thursday 09 March 2023
  • 4 minute read

Looking for small ways to make environmentally conscious changes around your home?

Swapping your existing showerhead for an eco showerhead could reduce water usage without impacting your showering experience. Discover the benefits of eco showerheads and find out how they work in our guide.

What is an eco showerhead?

An eco showerhead is a water-saving alternative to a standard showerhead. Both types look identical and come in various designs, so you can find the right style to suit your bathroom. The main difference is their function, as eco showerheads significantly reduce water consumption.

How do eco showerheads work?

An eco showerhead reduces the flow rate and spray pattern, so you use less water. Some also aerate the water, mixing water with air to reduce the overall volume. While these showerheads use less water by reducing the flow rate, this won’t impact the pressure, so you’ll enjoy the same showering experience.

The benefits of an eco showerhead

The main benefit of an eco showerhead is that you’ll use less water, which is better for the planet and can also help lower your bills. Plus, swapping your existing showerhead for an eco model is easy, providing your shower is compatible. Large or fixed showerheads are trickier to replace, and eco options may make a rainfall shower feel less powerful since water is distributed over a wider area.

Questions about eco showerheads

Can you use an eco showerhead with a power shower?

You can use an eco showerhead with any shower that uses hot water from your boiler system. This includes mixer and power showers, but not electric models.


Are eco showerheads compatible with electric showers?

Eco showerheads aren’t recommended for use with electric showers. Since they heat water on demand, the flow-restricting element of these showerheads can lead to a build-up in the heating tank, causing the shower to overheat and break. However, electric showers already have various built-in water and energy-saving functions, so you shouldn’t need to replace the showerhead for an eco model.

How to test how much water your shower uses

Find out how much water your current showerhead uses with this simple test:

  1. Place an empty two-litre bucket underneath the shower.
  2. Time how long it takes to fill up with your shower on full power. 
  3. If it takes less than ten seconds, the water output is ten litres per minute, so you could benefit from an eco showerhead.



Ready to make the switch to an eco showerhead? Explore the full range of Mira eco showerheads to find compatible products for your shower.

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