Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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Mira's Guide to Choosing a Safe Showerhead

Practical and safety advice from our product team

Tuesday 10th December 2019

When considering what bathroom products to buy, safety must always be top priority and shower fittings are no exception.

Mira 360

Upgrading your bathroom accessories is one of the easiest ways to refresh your bathroom without the cost of a full replacement. Simply swapping your showerhead and hose can both update your bathroom look and improve performance; reinvigorating your showering experience.

There are various options when it comes to showerhead upgrades. Mira’s award-winning Switch showerhead has four unique spray modes which can be changed at the push of a button, and the Mira 360 showerhead features Flipstream technology offering 4 unique sprays from simply flipping the showerhead.

However, not all accessories are suitable for every shower, especially electric showers. Electric showers use the cold-water mains and quickly heats the water as it passes through the heating element. See our Mira Jump and Mira Sport as examples. If the incorrect shower head or hose is used on an electric shower, that restricts water flow, this can result in extreme water temperatures as water takes longer to pass over the element or pressure relief device blowing, which could cause serious harm to the user.   

Common causes of back pressure

Blocked Showerheads: A build-up of limescale inside the showerhead or nozzles can stop water exiting through the showerhead. The use of a filter showerhead can cause clogging easily and should NEVER be used on an electric shower.

Restrictive Spray nozzle plate: A reduced hole size in the spray-plate may give an improved spray pattern but provides a greater back pressure within the product and are more at risk of blocking up.

Pause Button: DO NOT install a showerhead with a pause button feature on an electric shower as the flow restriction can cause backpressure.

Damaged or kinked hoses: Just like a blocked showerhead a blocked hose restricts the flow of water and can cause a build-up of backpressure.

We recommend that before buying a product, ensure it is WRAS approved so it is compliant with British European safety standards. All Mira showerheads and hoses have WRAS approval to ensure peace of mind for the end user.

It's also important to monitor limescale build up in your showerhead and to clean it regularly to minimise blockages and restrictions to flow. Mira showerheads feature rub clean nozzles designed specifically for electric showers. We recommend Mira Beat and Mira Nectar for those with electric showers. 

Mira shower hoses offer high flow features to improve the performance of your shower as well as being designed to be durable with anti kink technology incorporated into the design. We would recommend the Mira Logic which comes in 1.25m and 1.75m options.

Mira Beat 4 Spray

Finally, we recommend choosing an electric shower with thermostatic shutdown so if worst comes to worst and back pressure does cause an issue in the shower unit, it will shut down and flow will stop before any harm can come to the user. Mira Sport Thermostatic is one of our electrics that has thermostatic technology to reinforce end user peace of mind.

To find out more on maintenance of shower fittings read our article on descaling a showerhead.