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Mira's guide to Showerheads

We help explain the different types of showerheads available

Thursday 29th June 2017

Choosing a showerhead can be a daunting task with so many variants available – which ones are suitable for which showers and what are the differences? Whether you’re looking for a fixed, multi-mode or power showerhead, Mira has the model to match.

By simply changing your showerhead, you will not only refresh the look of your shower, but improve your shower performance, too. Let us guide you through your options, so that buying your new showerhead is quick and easy.

Possibly the most common style available, handheld showerheads – or handshowers – come in both single spray and multi-spray mode options.  A multi-spray showerhead gives you the option to adjust the spray pattern such as a standard ‘Force’ spray to something a little more luxurious like ‘Rain’ spray.

Our Mira 360m Four Spray Showerhead boasts Mira Flipstream™ technology; by simply flipping the circular section of the showerhead, you ca choose from 4 unique spray experiences. Better still, it’s not only multifunctional, but sleek and stylish too.

Similarly, our Mira Switch Four Spray Showerhead offers 4 unique spray experiences at the touch of a button. The Mira Switch sprays include Saturate, Soak, Stimulate and Soothe, and has been proven suitable for sensitive skin through dermatological accreditation by the Skin Health Alliance.

Mira Switch Showerhead - push button control Mira Switch Showerhead - push button control
Mira Nectar Eco Showerhead - Single Spray Mira Nectar Eco Showerhead - Single Spray

Eco Showerheads

If you’re conscious of saving water and energy, then you may want to consider our range of Mira Eco showerheads. These showerheads are best suited to high pressure mixer showers or pumped gravity tank fed showers, and are a great way to save water. Our Mira Eco Three Spray Water Saving Showerhead helps save up to 75% water and is available as a handheld head and fixed head, view our video here to see it put through its paces.

If you have a Power shower and are still looking to save water, then we would recommend simply adjusting your flow setting and turning it down, rather than purchasing the Mira Eco showerhead. If adjustable heads aren’t your thing, why not try our Mira Nectar Eco Single Spray Showerhead (pictured) and save up to 85%* water whilst still getting a great performing showering experience.

Fixed Showerheads

This style is suitable for built-in Mixer showers and Digital showers, which are either ceiling fed – supply pipe with compression fittings comes directly through your ceiling above – or rear-fed – supply pipe with compression fittings comes directly out of your wall. The Mira Beat Deluge range allows you to choose from a ceiling fed or rear-fed arm and then either a 20cm or 25cm spa-style, single spray deluge head.

Mira Vision Dual - features a Deluge overhead Mira Vision Dual - features a Deluge overhead
1.1740.578_Mira Beat Fixed Showerhead_Chrome_Side Cutout.jpg

If you are looking for something slightly more compact, the Mira Beat Fixed Showerhead and Arm is simple, stylish and affordable. It’s a great showering upgrade for an older style head and provides a 10cm spray, offering a slight adjustment for altering the spray direction.

Depending on how old your current fixed head is, you may have what we call a “1/2” BSP threaded nipple” connection. All our current fixed heads are compression fittings however you can purchase our Adaptor, which converts a nipple to a compression, via our Customer Services team with part number 1.450.58.1.

We hope this has given you a good insight into the different types of Mira showerheads available. Even if you’re looking to purchase an entirely new shower, most of our Mixer and Digital ranges offer different showerhead configurations to help you find your perfect shower. For more information and to see our complete showerheads range, visit the Mira showerhead page.