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Bathroom Ideas: Décor, Designs & Trends

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, so it's important that your bathroom design reflects your individual or family style. Explore our collection of bathroom design ideas here, from classic vintage bathroom decor through to country bathroom designs for a traditional feel. Looking bring your bathroom into the 21st century? Why not get up-to-date on the latest bathroom trends or the top features of modern bathrooms and explore contemporary designs such as industrial and modern rustic. Get inspired!

Showering Before Bed

Discover the pros and cons of showering or bathing before bed in our guide.

Should You Apply Face Masks Before or After Showering?

Our guide to getting the most out of your beauty routine

Dark and Gothic Bathroom Design Ideas

Discover how to incorporate inky opulence into your bathroom design

Top Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas

It’s time to introduce your bathroom to the natural benefits of wood.

How Much Value Can a New Bathroom Add to Your Home?

Property prices depend on many of factors, but how much value can a new bathroom add?

Fun Family Bathroom Design Ideas

2023 Bathroom Design Trends

Popular design ideas for 2023

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas & Designs

Ensuite design ideas for bathrooms big and small

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Eight of the best bathroom flooring options for style and safety

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Explore the effects of hard water

7 Benefits of Using Bathroom Panels

Why shower panels are a great alternative to bathroom tiles

Warm & Cosy Bathroom Design Ideas

Our guide to creating a warm and welcoming place to relax

Luxury Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Get inspired by these brilliant black bathroom ideas

Bathroom Expiration Date

How to prolong the life of your bathroom

11 Small Downstairs Toilet Ideas

Ideas to help you make the most of your small downstairs toilet

15 Shower & Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom wall and floor tile ideas to suit spaces big and small

Top Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey Bathroom ideas and décor

How to create a country bathroom

Create rural style in your own home with these country bathroom ideas

Your Guide to Bathroom Lighting Ideas

6 Stylish Bathroom Tile Alternatives

Five Great UK Hotspots for Taking a Cold-Water Plunge

The Power Of The Cold Shower

Cost Per Shower Calculator

Discover how much each shower is costing you using our shower and toiletry calculator

Cold Showers vs. Hot Showers: What Are the Benefits

How changing temperatures can help your mind and body

How to create a spa in your own bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a haven of indulgence and pampering

Monochrome Bathrooms: Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Modern or classic, cool or smart, black and white is a winning combination.

6 Contemporary & Modern Bathroom Ideas for 2022

Ideas and designs to help you modernise your bathroom and bring it into the 21st Century

The Best Small Bathroom Ideas With Showers

Find the right shower for your small bathroom and maximise space

DIY Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

DIY hacks to transform your bathroom

The Benefits of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Transform your space with a Jack and Jill bathroom

The Water-Saving Shower Playlist for World Water Day

Music for a sustainable shower time

The 10 Best Small Bathroom Colour Ideas

10 paint colours to try that will transform your bathroom

10 Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture

Discover the best dehumidifying plants for your bathroom

The Ultimate Sunday Self-Care Routine

Sharing our favourite Sunday self-care tips

The UK’s Hair Washing Habits

Answering the most commonly asked questions when it comes to hair washing.

The Best Books to Read in the Bath

Choose your next book from our top 100 best books to read in the bath ranking.

6 Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas for 2022

Strike the balance between natural charm and classic comfort to create the perfect rustic bathroom

Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

Give your bathroom an industrial-style makeover

Old Fashioned & Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Give your bathroom a makeover with a style that is both classic and contemporary

The true cost of celebrity skincare routines

From serums and face masks to hydration creams and lip scrubs, discover some of the best celebrity skincare secrets and how much they cost.

The top-rated spa breaks across the UK

From deep tissue massages to revitalising facials, discover the best counties and regions across the UK for a spa break.

The Shower Over Bath Buying Guide

Shower-over-bath ideas to suit your bathroom

Guest bathroom ideas

How to make your guest bathroom as welcoming as can be

The pros and cons of replacing your bath with a shower

Here’s everything you should consider when deciding whether to convert your bath to a shower

Designer Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom interior design inspiration for a high-end, designer finish

White bathroom ideas

Tips to help you design a minimalist, traditional or modern white bathroom

How to prepare the perfect relaxing bath

Eight tips to revolutionise your bath routine

How to create a luxury bathroom

Dial-up your downtime with a luxury bathroom

Before and After: The Top Ten Bathroom Renovations of Instagram

From complete overhauls to simple paint tricks - these renovations will provide all the inspiration you need for your own bathroom makeover.

10 bathroom trends for 2021

These are the top bathroom design trends for 2021

The UK's Pampered Pooches

Exploring the nation's approach to caring for our dogs at home and how to do it properly

The World's Favourite Shower Songs

We've analysed thousands of playlists to discover the world’s best songs to sing in the shower

The Nation's Biggest Bathroom Pet Peeves

Have you ever been guilty of these shocking bathroom habits?

The 10 best houseplants for your bathroom

Discover which plants thrive best in your bathroom

The Great British Bathroom Blitz

Are you ready for a bathroom tidy? Join Mira for a massive bathroom clean-out

Get Up and Go Shower Routine

A routine that's healthy for your mind and body

Instagram vs. Reality 

The Cost Behind Some of The World’s Most Instagrammable Hotel Bathrooms

Bathing Routines Around the World

Bathing traditions steeped in history

Music in the Bathroom : The Perfect Bathroom Playlist

The ultimate bathroom playlist

Bathroom Minimalism: The Only Bathroom Essentials You Need

Get back to basics

Showers Through the Ages

The evolution of the shower

Which Country Showers the Most

The cleanest country in the world

The Health Benefits of Baths

Soak up the goodness

What's your dream bathroom colour?

Find your dream bathroom colour with our personality test

The Health Benefits of Showers

Soak up the goodness

Bath or Shower: Which one should you choose?

The great bathroom debate rages on

Bathing Routines for Athletes

Post workout rituals from the professionals

The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Wallpaper

Create your own statement wall

2019 Fashion Trends Recreated in the Bathroom

Take inspiration from the catwalk

Everyday Bathroom Rules You Never Knew Existed

The secrets of British bathrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Shelving

De-clutter in style

From Statement to Spa: 2019 Bathroom Trends

Discover 2019's biggest bathroom trends

10 of the world’s greatest achievements to come out of the bathroom

We discover some of the brightest ideas to have come from our bathrooms.

‘Shower Thoughts’ from Reddit, explained by experts

Have you ever noticed that you seem to have some of your best ideas in the shower?

Give your bathroom a Scandi-style makeover

Discover how to transform your bathroom into a Scandinavian oasis of calm

Transform Your Bathroom into a 5* Hotel

Indulge yourself by giving your bathroom a luxurious boutique hotel makeover.

Create a shabby chic bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a vintage escape from the modern world

Bathroom bacteria: Under the microscope

Discover the hidden dangers in your bathroom and how to eliminate them.

Create an on-trend bathroom with copper

Add the latest trend to your bathroom with modern copper accessories and lighting

How Botanicals Can Make A Bathroom

Why bringing plants into a bathroom can make it come alive

House-proud Baby Boomers Want Style and Substance

We reveal what the over 65s are really looking for

REVEALED: What Brits are really getting up to in the bathroom

We unlock the secrets of the UK’s love affair with the shower.

What do you think about in the shower?

Turns out shower time isn't just to get clean

Bathroom Double Sinks

Bathroom double sinks can give your home a touch of hotel chic

Top bathroom trends for this year and next

We look at the latest styles and innovations on the horizon

Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

Bring your bathroom walls to life with our hints and tips

Brilliant bathroom ideas and inspiration

Follow our fail-safe tips and revamping your washroom will be a walk in the park

Inspiring Retail

Texture and Natural Finishes

Smart Bathroom Technology

2016 Interior Trends

Storytelling in the home

Catwalk to bathroom

Adaptable design

Curation by craft