By Kerry Hale

11 Small Downstairs Toilet Ideas

  • Friday 02 December 2022
  • 4 minute read

Downstairs bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel cramped or unloved.

With clever design and decoration, your downstairs bathroom can be transformed into a practical and stylish space. Discover our favourite downstairs toilet ideas to give your cloakroom a new lease of life.

1. Make use of mirrors

Most downstairs bathrooms have little or no natural light, so mirrors are a great way to bounce light around the room and create the illusion of space. Opt for a mirrored cabinet above the sink to enjoy extra storage or a large round mirror to add a striking design feature. 


2. Experiment with tiles

Consider making a statement with your floor using patterned tiles or create a feature wall with a half-tiled or full-tiled design. Remember that larger tiles with fewer grout lines will make the space feel bigger, and ceramic tiles with a glossy finish will bounce light around the room. Explore our top bathroom tiling ideas for more inspiration.

3. Have fun with colour

When decorating your downstairs bathroom, be as bold as you like! Why not use this small space to get creative and try a new style that wouldn’t work elsewhere in your home? Alternatively, you may prefer colours that complement your hallway for a seamless look. Find the best colour ideas for small bathrooms in our dedicated guide.


4. Add a statement wallpaper

If you love a bold bathroom, why not introduce a statement wallpaper? Since you’ll only be using a small amount, no pattern is too daring! Then, keep the rest of the design pared back for balance.

5. Display artwork

Artwork or framed photographs will add personality to your downstairs bathroom. Choose prints that complement your colour scheme or mix-and-match frames in different sizes and styles to create a gallery wall.


6. Go bold with blinds

If your downstairs toilet has a window, blinds will make the space feel cosy, luxurious and more private. Find a texture, colour or pattern to complement the rest of the design or go bold with a contrasting style.


7. Be smart with storage

Space is often limited in a cloakroom, so finding clever storage solutions is key. A wall-mounted cabinet can hide extra toiletries and minimize clutter, whilst built-in storage around your cistern and pipes can store spare toilet rolls and hand towels. If coats and shoes are stored in your downstairs bathroom, keep it tidy with coat hooks, shoe racks or cupboards if you have more space.

8. Focus on lighting

Good lighting is essential in small bathrooms, especially those with no natural light. The brighter your cloakroom is, the bigger it will seem. Install recessed spotlights to brighten the darkest corners of the room without taking up extra space.


9. Streamline your fixtures

Bulky toilets and sinks are no longer the only options for bathrooms. Instead, choose compact, streamlined fixtures to save space. Consider a wall-mounted toilet and vanity unit to maximise floor space, creating the illusion of extra room. You could also opt for a corner sink to make the most of unused space.

10. Add minimalist fittings

Choose minimalist bathroom fittings like taps, toilet roll holders and soap dispensers to complement your streamlined fixtures. Bathroom accessories like bins should take up as little space as possible.   


11. Maximise space with sliding doors

Sliding doors can maximise space in your downstairs bathroom and hallway. Frosted glass doors are ideal for small, dark bathrooms, bringing light in. Wooden sliding doors can complement the rest of your home interior, with plenty of styles and finishes available. 


Need more inspiration for your downstairs bathroom or ensuite? Check out our top 10 design ideas for small bathrooms.

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