By Kerry Hale

Top 10 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

  • Thursday 21 July 2022
  • 5 minute read

Small bathrooms may seem tricky to renovate, thanks to their compact size, unique configurations, and lack of natural light. However, with a few clever space-saving ideas and decorating hacks, you can transform your small bathroom from cluttered and cramped to stylish and practical.

We’ve compiled the top ten small bathroom ideas to help you revamp the space, which can add value to your house and improve your daily routines:


  1. Install a corner shower 
  2. Increase floor space 
  3. Remove unnecessary fixtures 
  4. Try a space-saving toilet 
  5. Consider lighting 
  6. Add reflective surfaces 
  7. Tile the walls and floors 
  8. Introduce glass 
  9. Choose sleek fittings 
  10. Opt for minimalist décor 

Small bathroom layout ideas

Every inch of the design must be carefully considered in a small bathroom to maximise space and reduce clutter. These are the best ways to make your bathroom feel more spacious, from bathroom fixtures to storage solutions. 


Install a corner shower  

The corners of rooms are often overlooked, but you’d be surprised what you can do with this wasted space. Consider installing a shower enclosure in the corner of your bathroom to make it feel bigger. 


Remove unnecessary fixtures 

Any existing bathroom fixtures that aren’t essential for your home and lifestyle can be removed to maximise space. This often applies to bathtubs since many of us prefer to shower or don’t have time to soak in the tub! Consider replacing your bathtub with a corner shower enclosure if you’re more of a shower person. For more small shower room ideas.


Increase floor space 

Similarly, increasing the visible floor space will make your bathroom appear larger. Wall-mounted toilets, sinks and bathroom storage are excellent solutions that will help free up floor space.


Try a space-saving toilet 

Short projection toilets aren’t as deep as a standard toilet, making them ideal for small bathrooms. A wall-hung toilet could save you even more space.

Brighten up the space


Small bathrooms can often feel dark or dingy, especially if they have no windows or little natural light. However, this can easily be solved with proper lighting, carefully placed mirrors, or glass shower screens to open up the room. Try these easy hacks for an instant brightening effect in your bathroom. 

Consider lighting


One of the most budget-friendly ideas for small bathrooms is to improve the lighting. The brighter your bathroom is, the larger it will appear. Adding strategically placed lights, such as spotlights, can help to bounce light around the room. 

Add reflective surfaces


Reflective surfaces can give an illusion of space in a small bathroom. By adding mirrors or ceramic tiles with a glossy finish, any available light from windows, lamps and ceiling lighting will be reflected around the room. 

Tile the walls and floors  

Tiling the walls and floor in the same design creates a seamless look, giving the illusion of a bigger space whilst reflecting additional light around your bathroom. Explore more tips for tiling your bathroom in our step-by-step guide.


Introduce glass 

If you currently have a shower curtain, the opaque surface can close off this area of your bathroom, making the space feel even smaller. Instead, add a frameless shower or a bath shower screen to make your bathroom feel significantly more spacious by allowing light to pass through.

Keep the design simple


If you’re planning on opting for bold colours for your small bathroom, it’s often a good idea to keep the rest of the design simple. From fixtures and fittings to decorative accessories, these are some of the best small bathroom design ideas when it’s time to add the finishing touches.

Choose sleek fittings

Choose sleek and minimal fittings like taps, showerheads, radiators, and door handles to make your bathroom feel bigger. At Mira, we offer a range of high-performance and stylish bathroom fittings to complement any design. The space-saving range of Mira Dual mixer showers ensures you can still get a luxurious showering experience even in a smaller bathroom.


Opt for minimalist décor

Accessories can introduce splashes of colour whilst adding texture and interest to any room. However, in small bathrooms, it’s important not to go over the top with decorative accessories like plants, artwork, vases and candles, as this can make the space feel cluttered. A few fluffy towels in your chosen shade and a stylish soap dispenser should be all you need.

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