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2019 Fashion Trends Recreated in the Bathroom

Take inspiration from the catwalk

  • Tuesday 30 April 2019

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole host of trends from the catwalk, many of which you can incorporate into your bathroom to encapsulate your own unique style. Here we’ll look at five fashion trends that are taking the catwalk by storm this season, as well as how to use accessories to refresh your bathroom space.

How to add boho vibes to your bathroom

The hippie-esque vibes of boho chic are everywhere this season. Whether you’re dancing in the fields at Glastonbury or hitting the shops in the city – you’re bound to see some seriously summery boho style. But how can you incorporate this look into your bathroom?

  • Add wicker. Nothing says boho chic like a wicker basket, so why not add some to your bathroom? They’re great for storing bathroom essentials like towels, or can be used a basket for your dirty washing
  • Paint a wall mural. A great way to jazz up a bare wall in a bigger bathroom, adding a wall mural is an instant boho update for your space.
  • Add trinkets. If you’ve got any extra space on your bathroom shelves, why not add some embellished trinkets? An on-trend bowl for keeping spare soaps or even a box to store your shampoo is an inexpensive way of adding boho style to your bathroom.


Colour Blocking Bathroom Ideas

For chic and cheerful vibes, incorporate this season’s colour blocking trend into your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to add some eye-catching bright hues to your space, or want to keep things a little more understated with dusty pastels, colour blocking is an easy way to refresh your bathroom. Here’s how:

  • Paint a statement wall. To really make a statement with the colour blocking trend, paint one of the walls in your bathroom a block colour – or even split the wall into two contrasting colours for a super-stylish, unique look
  • Add some bright towels. Want to try the colour blocking trend, but don’t want to commit too much? Add some bright towels to your bathroom to incorporate bold hues into your space
  • Get arty. Who says art is just for the living room? There are lots of prints out there which incorporate the colour blocking trend, that look just as on-trend hung on from the bathroom wall.

How to incorporate animal print into your bathroom

Animal print is huge yet again this season, and the good news in there are lots of ways you can incorporate this trend into your bathroom:

  • Get creative with wallpaper. There’s a lot of stylish animal print wallpaper out there in a plethora of different colours, so you’re bound to find one to complement your bathroom. Just remember to choose a water-resistant paper to ensure it will last!
  • Add an animal print shower curtain. Take a walk on the wild side by adding an animal print shower curtain to your bathroom, and if you really want to take this trend to the next level, match it with an animal print toilet seat cover.

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