Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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5 Family Bathroom Ideas And Design Tips

Make the design process much easier with Mira's family bathroom ideas and tips.

Thursday 4th November 2021

As one of the busiest rooms in the home, your family bathroom should be practical, durable and low maintenance. That said, it should still be stylish and relaxing. With three, four, or even more people sharing one bathroom, it’s important that your family bathroom design is set out in a clever way that caters for every individual’s needs, prioritise ample storage and the right fittings and fixtures, and focuses on fun decoration that the whole family can appreciate. At Mira Showers, we are intent on making our customers' lives easier, so we’ve put together a selection of ideas to consider for your family bathroom design, to make the process that much easier.

Make your bathroom child-friendly  

There are many things you can do to ensure your bathroom is a safe and enjoyable environment for children. Replacing glass storage with shatterproof plastic or resin is a good place to start to avoid breakages. Soft-close toilet seats are a good idea too, both for safety and for preventing tear-jerking bangs every time to toilet seat is closed. At bath time, things can not only get messy, but they can get lively too. It might be worth purchasing a non-slip bathmat to prevent children from slipping and getting hurt. Alternatively, our range of Flight Safe shower trays are developed with our exclusive anti-slip technology, designed for not only keeping children, but also the older generation, safe in the shower. 

Mira Digital Shower

Choose the right shower 

The type of shower you choose will depend on the specific needs of your family. Products such as the Mira digital shower range can adapt to provide a relaxing or efficient setting for adults, a fun place for children, and a safe place for both junior and senior members of the household. When there are children involved, it’s a good idea to install a thermostatic shower to reduce the risk of scalding. At Mira, all of our digital and mixer showers, as well as some of our electric and power showers, feature thermostatic temperature control, which maintains a consistent shower temperature even if someone else in your home uses the hot water while your child is showering. Rainfall shower heads are many adult’s dream, but it’s worth including an additional handheld shower too, as this will make hair washing and hosing down children significantly easier. It’ll also help when it comes to cleaning your shower, helping you to get into harder-to-reach places.  

Decide on a bath  

If you have young children, then a bath may be central to your family bathroom, so if you have the space then consider incorporating one into your design. Placing taps at the mid-point of the bath will make it easier to bathe two children at once, as there’ll be no arguments over who has to sit at the tap-end of the bath. 

Find space-saving solutions  

A bathroom that’s used by a lot of people can quickly become messy, so making sure you have plenty of storage is essential. Avoid cluttering up surfaces with bottles, brushes and bags by installing plenty of cupboards, cabinets and shelves that can be used to hide things away. Allocate each family member their own drawer, box or basket for their toiletries to reduce the chance of items being left sprawled across surfaces. You could also consider suspended toothbrush holders and soap dispensers to keep your surfaces completely clear and make cleaning easier. If you have the space for it, consider doubling up on vanity units so that your storage space is doubled too. With a double vanity unit comes a double sink, which will never go amiss in a family bathroom.   

Mira Flight Bath

Mira Leap Shower Enclosure

Decoration inspiration  

Functionality may be at the forefront of your family bathroom design, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too. A tiled bathroom will be easier to clean than a painted one, as splash marks will be less of an issue and you’ll have to redecorate less frequently. Creative use of tiling can help to make a small bathroom appear bigger, while slip-resistant tiles on the floor will make your bathroom safer for children. Hang a large mirror – or even several mirrors – to ensure multiple people can get ready at once. A wall-hung mirror is also great for space-saving, and will help to bounce light around the bathroom and make it appear larger in size.  Bring fun pops of colour into your family bathroom via bathmats, towels and other bathroom accessories.  

Small family bathroom ideas 

If your bathroom is limited for space and you’re currently battling for room in your small family bathroom, we’ve gathered some tips and suggestions on how you can improve this.  

Use white or bright colours 

Using white or alternative bright colours can make a small family bathroom appear much bigger. Accompanied by as much natural light as possible, your family bathroom will feel much bigger in no time. What’s more an all-white bathroom is incredible timeless and works perfectly for a family bathroom in terms of design and suiting everyone’s taste. 

Use large mirrors 

Using large mirrors can help to make your bathroom look bigger through the reflections, therefore the bigger the mirror and reflections the bigger your family bathroom will appear. Having a large mirror is also great for a family bathroom as it means with multiple people using one spaces, you won’t have to battle for use of a small mirror.  

Combine your bath and shower 

Having an over the bath shower is a real space saver for any family bathroom as it allows you to maximise on floor space but also keep two very important features of a bathroom. Incorporating a glass shower screen instead of a curtain will definitely help to make your space feel bigger to, due to the glass bath shower screen reflecting the light more effectively and opening up the space. 

Did you know that your bathroom can affect the overall value of your home? Find out the true value of a bathroom and what you can do to ensure your bathroom design appeals to potential buyers in the future.