By Kerry Hale

How To Prepare The Perfect Relaxing Bath

  • Thursday 18 March 2021
  • 4 Minute Read

A soak in the bath is a fantastic way to unwind after a long, stressful day at work, and the benefits of taking a bath are countless for both body and mind. So how can you ensure your bath is as calming and soothing as possible?

From mood lighting to the perfect temperature, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to creating the most relaxing bath. Get ready to revolutionise your bath routine.

1. Create a spa-like ambience

If you try to imagine the most relaxing bathing scene, chances are your mind will wander to thoughts of fancy hotels and dimly lit spas. In both instances, it’s a focus on lighting that helps to create such a serene atmosphere. Recreate this ambience in your very own bathroom with mood lighting and flickering candles.

If you live in a busy household and you can’t always guarantee peace and quiet, consider playing relaxing music to drown out the noise and help you unwind, and you could even treat yourself to a refreshing juice or a cold glass of wine for the ultimate decadent experience.

2. Preparation is key

Nothing spoils a relaxing bath like searching for a clean towel at the end, especially if that involves running, dripping wet, to another room. Lay out everything you’re going to need in advance so that you can step out of the bath and continue that relaxed feeling.

You might also like to leave your phone and any other electronic devices in a different room to treat yourself to a much-needed digital detox while you bathe.

3. Run the perfect bath

When it comes to the perfect bath, it’s important to get the water temperature just right. Too cold and you’ll be constantly reaching for the hot tap; too hot and you’ll struggle to get in. Water that’s too hot can also cause skin to become dry. The trick is to settle on a water temperature that’s somewhere in the middle - the Goldilocks of bath water, you might say. Install a bath/shower mixer tap for temperature control to ensure a perfect bathing temperature day after day.

We recommend filling your bath so that it's two-thirds full, as this should ensure you’re fully submerged while also avoiding overflow once you’re in the tub. With the Mira Mode Digital Bath Fill, you can fast-fill your bath with up to 15 litres per minute, which means less waiting and more relaxing.

4. Add bubbles, salts or oils

No bath is complete without some sort of bubbles or oils, and these should be added when your bath is halfway full. Bubble bath will add a certain playful nostalgia to your bath time, while certain salts will help to moisturise your skin and soothe weary muscles.

Bath oils can also help with skin hydration, and the essential oils they contain offer their own additional benefits, too. Popular bath oils for the most relaxing bath include calming chamomile, refreshing peppermint and relaxing lavender.

5. Spend just the right amount of time soaking

The perfect time to spend in the bath is said to be between 15 and 30 minutes. Too short and your mind and body may not have enough time to fully switch off and relax, too long and you run the risk of drying out your skin. Your fingers starting to wrinkle is a good sign that you’ve been in long enough.

6. Shower off

Perhaps you prefer to shower before getting in the bath, but taking a shower once you’re finished in the bath will help you to rinse off any oils and suds that remain on your body. It’s also far easier to wash your hair in the shower, unless you have a dual shower, in which case you can use the handheld option to wash your hair while you’re sitting down.

To get your shower temperature right every time, install a Mira digital shower. With greater control at the touch of a button, you can ensure the perfect, pleasurable shower experience with every use.

7. Dry off with a big, fluffy towel

Now that you’re relaxed in body and mind, complete your relaxing bath experience by drying off with a super-soft bath towel. If your current bath towels are a little on the stiff side, try washing them as part of a light load and cut back on detergent to prevent a build-up of soapy residue. Tumble drying them once they're almost dry can help to keep them soft and fluffy too.

8. Moisturise

Hot water can dry out your skin, so once you’re fully dry, use a moisturiser like a body butter or body oil to lock in remaining moisture and keep your skin hydrated and silky-smooth.

To make your bath routine as relaxing as possible, explore our full bathing range, including the Freestanding Flight Bath which has been designed to provide ultimate comfort.

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