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Bathroom Double Sinks

  • Tuesday 01 May 2018
  • 6 minute read

That last short break may have left you longing after another luxury getaway, but, what if you could satisfy that need by updating your own bathroom with one simple and easy installation. We look at how a double sink can completely transform your bathroom and give you that chic feel in the comfort of your own home.

The demand for the luxury hotel experience is on the rise, but so are the price tags. With the opportunity to transform your home bathroom into a stunning private space simply by installing a double sink, it seems a no brainer.

Think of the best boutique hotels on Mr & Mrs Smith, or the private super apartments on AirBnb – more and more people want to capture that luxury style in their own homes. And what better way of recreating the look than to install double sink bathroom? But how can you make this feature work? Let’s take a look and the pros and cons.

Double sink delight

For couples and families, one of the biggest pros of having a double sink bathroom is that more than one person can use the facilities at the same time.

Think about it. A twin sink bathroom means no more fighting over how long your other half is taking to brush their teeth or shave in the morning, and no more arguments caused by your product obsessed teenager hogging all of the space around the side of the basin.

Having a double sink bathroom means you can bring those calm and relaxing feelings that come with staying in a hotel into your very own home.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own private master bathroom, having a double sink will help you feel like grown-ups rather than siblings squabbling over a single tap. Whatever your situation, a double sink can take the steam out of already stressful mornings. Who wouldn’t want that?

Bathroom double sinks are a huge selling point

Double sink bathrooms are very attractive to prospective buyers when it comes to selling your property further down the line. Good sized bathroom features like bathroom double sinks add value. Many couples and families like the idea of having their own sinks so trading in your single sink for a double sink can be a big selling point. They don’t just add practical and resale value either. Double basin bathrooms just have that feel-good factor and given that this is one of the rooms where we spend the most time relaxing and getting away from it all, don’t underestimate how important this is.


Double sink, double trouble?

The largest drawback of having a double sink bathroom is the cost. Twin basins will cost more to plumb in and you’ll also have to factor in the cost of paying double for the accessories. There is also the issue of having to double the amount of under cabinet space to cover the double drainpipes too.


You also need to consider the space issue. On average, sinks are about 17 to 19 inches wide so if there isn’t at least six feet or more available, getting a double sink could leave the bathroom feeling crammed.

Double basin accessories

There are a huge range of double sink bathrooms to choose from as well as a vast range of fixtures and fittings to suit all tastes. The right accessories, such as the choice of taps, can really give your bathroom that wow factor.

Chrome classic pillar taps will give a twin sink a clean contemporary look while stunning geometric designs are great if you are going for a minimalist style. For a more unique look you can try finishes in black, gold and copper.


Spacious or snug


It is important to measure out the space you have when planning to install a double sink bathroom. You need to ensure that the design you choose won’t leave you jostling for space or knocking into each other’s elbows. If space isn’t an issue, then you could go for two separate sinks with each with their own storage underneath. Finish off the look with two separate mirrors or wall hung cabinets. The mirrors will give the bathroom the feeling of being bigger than it actually is. Brilliant whites or natural textures compliment the look extremely effectively.

Keeping things tight

If space is an issue, don’t despair. Instead of going for two separate units why not choose a vanity unit which incorporates a double sink? You can still go for two separate wall mirrors or one large one that can accommodate two. Another way to avoid double sink bathrooms looking cramped is to go for floating units. Build in extra shelves to add in more all-important storage. And if you don’t need the extra space, you could go for two freestanding pedestal sinks, which can be put side by side or on separate walls.


A style that offers more space while still looking sleek and stylish is the surface mounted double sink on a counter top. There is a range of finishes to choose from including frosted glass, high quality ceramics and terrazzo. This style will leave you much more space for your face washes and moisturisers (which means you have the perfect excuse to buy more products for yourself!).


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