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Blurring of boundaries in the home

  • Friday 05 August 2016

The blurring of boundaries in the home was predicted in our recent Moment Masters roundtable debate to feature as an important trend this year. The way in which we view our home is changing; we are no longer looking at individual rooms, but instead we are considering the house as a whole when renovating a space.

Whether it is bringing the outside in or creating a connection between two rooms, we have identified the key themes and put together a number of recommendations on how to stay ahead of the trend.

Bringing the outside in

Interior designer Richard Randall says that “bringing the outside in is creating a flow from the living room to the garden, making the room feel larger and brighter.” There are numerous ways in which you can implement this within your home. The use of bi-fold doors within a room such as the kitchen instantly creates an open space and enables the room to continue into the garden. Even during the winter the glass allows additional light to flood the living room and create a connection to the outside.

The inclusion of reclaimed wood and living plants throughout the home are small changes that can easily create the effect of bringing the outside in. They are also a great way to test out the trend before making dramatic and permanent changes.

Connecting rooms in the home

Simon Browning, our Industrial Design Director, explains the connection of space as, “the breakdown of boundaries between the different rooms in the home.” Products and furniture are no longer confined to a single space but can be positioned in different rooms and not be questioned. The use of colour within the home is a simple way to link rooms together, whether it is accessories and furniture or using paint to create an effect which can be replicated in multiple rooms.


Interior design specialists Trend Pulse state that, “no one wants to be enclosed in one space; they want light and space in their rooms. As a result of this, the bathroom is becoming decoupled and is being seen in the bedroom with the two spaces now connected.” The connection of the en-suite to the bedroom is continuing to evolve along with the popularity of the walk-in-shower, which combines convenience of use and the minimalist aesthetic many of us want in our bathroom. The Mira Leap divider panel paired with the low profile Mira Flight Safe tray creates a minimalist wet-room look that can be easily achieved in all spaces.

Bathroom as a decorative space

The bathroom is no longer considered a simple functional space. Instead it is becoming a place to show our personalities and individuality. We are now including rugs and living room accessories to create a space where we want to spend time. According to Trend Pulse, “the finishes of a bathroom, including tiles and taps, are key in the development of the bathroom space." The Mira Aspects Collection offers a choice of seven styles; whether you like smooth curves, straight edges or futuristic geometric shapes the range has the perfect style for every personality.

Have you blurred the boundaries of the rooms in your house?
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