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Catwalk to bathroom

  • Friday 05 August 2016

Interior design and bathroom trends are not self-contained and in many cases can crossover between different design and fashion industries. In this case, we delve into how the catwalk of London Fashion Week can influence design trends in the bathroom in 2016, looking in particular at the trends of minimalism, monochrome, nautical, and pastel shades.


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

Minimalism is a trend that has been around for a long time, whether in fashion, interior design, or everyday life, and is one that will constantly reappear and repeat itself due to – well, it’s minimal nature. In fashion, minimalism lies within the featureless, the reductivist (less is more), and the simple colour schemes. These can all transfer easily to the bathroom as well, with minimalism being a top bathroom trend for 2016, and most likely 2017 as well. It can also incorporate many aspects of other design trends as well such as monochrome and the use of pastel shades. In terms of how minimalism can be applied in the bathroom, a key way of doing this would be using white, or at most, extremely pale pastel coloured walls. This gives the appearance of making the walls ‘disappear’, leaving more striking aspects of the bathroom to other, more important features. The Mira Honesty tap range would make a great addition to any minimalist bathroom, with the hard angles on the tap reflecting the style as a whole. Monochrome, is a trend that lends itself to minimalism greatly, and can be incorporated in a bathroom with great impact.




Monochrome design consists of only using varying shades of one colour, despite commonly being thought of as being purely black and white. However, in terms of recent design trends, black and white has heavily invaded both the fashion and interior design scenes. Black and white is a timeless combination, and will ensure that you stay in style through to 2017, and hopefully even further. As expected, it was a key trend in this year’s London Fashion Week, with many models being fully immersed in black and white, and it is easy to see how fashion and interior design help influence each other. As a style, it is in many ways similar to minimalism, with the key difference being that there is that there is more freedom in how you use the colours. If you were to use a monochrome colour scheme in a minimalist bathroom, you would be limited to simple, unembellished shapes and patterns. If you take out the minimalism however, you may use striking black and white patterned tiles, or add in some more outlandish adornments, just as is also seen in the world of fashion. This in turn creates a feel that both reveals elements of both contemporary and traditional interior design.


With Tommy Hilfiger’s display at London Fashion Week 2016 embracing the re-emergence of nautical design, we can see once again how fashion not only inspires interior design, but also how interior design inspires fashion. Known for its white and blue stripes, its anchor prints, and its summery, coastal feel, nautical is a style that is ever-present in the world of fashion and interior design. Taking the blue and white stripes that are present in nautical fashion and placing them in the bathroom in the form of towels, shower curtains, or shower mats, can make a welcome addition to your home. Linking this with other bathroom trends can also create a bright, friendly atmosphere that will stay in fashion for years to come. For example, using a blue monochromatic colour scheme in addition with a large blue and white striped shower mat, as well as some nautical themed ornaments can create a fresh, yet timeless feel to your bathroom. Using the Mira Azora electric shower in combination with a nautical style can add an essence of modernity here, keeping with the blue theme that is so essential to the style.

Pastel shades

Darker background colours may be a worthy addition in other rooms of the house, but for the bathroom, pastel shades are necessary in creating a light, well-balanced, and relaxing room that evokes feelings of relaxation. Pastel shades are highly accredited in 2016 fashion trends as well, with Roksanda and Xiao Li’s collections from this year’s London Fashion Week showing this. Using one or two main pastel colours in your bathroom along with white can create a comforting glow to the room, and the feel of the room can be altered depending on the colours used. A light blue can create a cool, nautical atmosphere, whereas reds and browns can evoke a warmer feel. If wanting to enhance the impact of these colours, use black sparingly throughout the bathroom on smaller features such as mirror frames, cupboard handles, or towel racks. On top of this, chrome finishes helps to bind together the pastel colours, keeping with the lighter feel that these colour schemes offer.

Which catwalk trend would you have in your bathroom?
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