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Clean Thinking: The podcast set to help you refresh, relax and reset

  • Thursday 06 February 2020

If you’re much like the 27% of Brits struggling to get a clear mindset because of their expanding to do list, or one of the 71% of the UK getting an hour or less to focus on themselves and clear their mind in an entire day, then our brand new podcast could be just the thing for you!

Our Clean Thinking campaign aims to equip the nation with the tricks and techniques to aid the de-stressing process via brand new podcasts. We’re bringing together a host of knowledgeable experts to ultimately help us all unwind, whether you’re listening on your commute or in the shower, you’ll be set up for the day ahead.

Here at Mira Showers, we commissioned some research and found that over a fifth (21%) of Brits’ general mindset is up and down on an average day. In addition, 71% of the UK get an hour or less to focus on themselves and clear their mind in an entire day, with nearly a tenth (9%) getting no time at all to do so.

The research also revealed nearly two fifths (38%) of us describe our everyday mindset as overwhelmed, tired or anxious. And shockingly 15 per cent of the nation don’t use any tools or techniques in order to distress.


Alec Williams, Senior Policy Officer at the Mental Health Foundation, says: “Listening to podcasts is a great way for people who are feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed to manage their mindset by taking a bit of time, even if that is just ten minutes out of your daily routine, to relax, reset and refocus on their health and personal wellbeing, which can help improve their quality of life in the long term.” 

The podcast series, which will host an array of guests from the likes of the Mental Health Foundation and Sleepyhead Clinic, will focus on topics such as ‘How Exercise Can Help Us Relax’, ‘The Effect Of Stress On Kids’ and ‘How Technology Impacts Sleep’.

You can listen and download the Clean Thinking podcast now on:



Breaker Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Pocket Casts

iTunes (coming soon)


*2,003 adults from across the UK were polled by tlf Panel on behalf of Mira Showers in 2019.