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Curation by craft

  • Friday 05 August 2016

In our most recent Moment Masters roundtable discussion, our panel of experts highlighted the top interior trends for 2016. This week we will be discussing the rise of Curation of Craft. This trend allows you to show your individuality by using conventional materials in an unconventional way to create products bespoke to your bathroom.

 We have put together a list of the key aspects this trend features should you wish to implement it within your home.

Traditional Techniques

Interior design experts Trend Pulse state that “craft is being reinvented. Young designers are using traditional techniques and ideas to manipulate materials in an exciting way”.

Tiles are commonly used within the bathroom because of their practicality. Tiles can also be used on the walls to construct a feature image or pattern and can manipulate the appearance to be that of a new modern material. If you’d rather not lose the traditional design of your bathroom then the inclusion of authentic period styled looking taps such as the Mira Revive (link to Mira Revive) will ensure this. The range features striking curves and a unique handle design which has been specifically engineered to feel great when using it and its timeless sophistication is ideal in a traditional bathroom. Using traditional storage ideas but constructing them with different materials can be a key factor in implementing this trend within your bathroom. Using wire racks for towels and toiletries can be presented in a variety of ways from distressed and vintage to clean and modern.

Modern Spin

Heloisa Righetto from trend forecasting agency WGSN states that “craft is exciting and modern, it isn’t home-spun. You understand it emotionally when you look at it”

Using products that you already have in the home and reinventing them into items for the bathroom is a great money saving way to inject modern craft elements into the room. An example of this would be adapting an old desk into a beautiful bathroom vanity unit. All you need to do is select the colour of paint you want and to decide where in the bathroom the new piece of furniture should go. Another clever way to incorporate craft within the room is to construct a build in shelving unit within the wall and cover with a mirror. This will save you space in the bathroom and give the room a clean and modern look, creating the wow factor when the shelves are revealed.

Different Materials

Simon Browning, Industrial Design Director at Mira Showers, states that “the softness, authenticity and honesty of the materials as well as the look and feeling that they give you is what creates the desire to want the product”

The manipulation of different materials to create functional products is what makes craft so great. Using painted mason jars as mini storage compartments for toothbrushes and toiletries is a small change that can make a room look chic and personable and it is extremely simple to do. You can also show your quirky side by fixing door handles onto the wall to create a stunning hanging rail that is bespoke to you. Whether you love the vintage look or want to create a modern room you need to mix and match until you find a selection you love.

Do you like to use craft within your home?
Let us know your thoughts by leaving a message in the comments section below, @mirashowers or on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear them.