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Dark and Gothic Bathroom Design Ideas

Discover how to incorporate inky opulence into your bathroom design

  • Friday 30 June 2023
  • 2 minute read

Planning a bathroom renovation? Explore the best dark bathroom ideas and gothcore trends to get inspired.

Whether you have a small ensuite with little natural light or a bright and airy bathroom, there are several ways to incorporate this design into your space. From dark colours to gothic bathroom décor, traditional fixtures, ornate lights and patterned floor tiles, we have plenty of design ideas to help you get started. 

What is gothcore? 

Gothic interior design is one of the top bathroom trends for 2023. It is characterised by rich, dark colours like black, charcoal grey, deep purple, burgundy red and forest green, making your space feel cosy and luxurious.  

Materials like velvet and lace are common in gothic interiors but may not be suitable for bathrooms. Instead, choose brass and gold accents for your hardware and light fixtures for a Victorian-inspired look. Dark wood, marble or stone accents can add texture to the design. The gothcore aesthetic can be as subtle or bold as you like, so you can find the right option to suit your bathroom.  

Black is back 

Although dark colours can make your bathroom look smaller, those with little natural light can embrace the darkness for a striking effect. Black bathrooms are timeless and luxurious when designed well, so explore our top dark bathroom ideas here to find your favourites.  

Natural materials 

Dark or painted wood is an excellent addition to any bathroom. Introduce wooden accents with shelving, cabinets, picture frames and mirrors. Black marble or dark stone works well for countertops, while wall tiles can add depth to your bath or shower area. 

Bold floor tiles

Patterned floor tiles are popular in gothic bathrooms and create an eye-catching feature. This includes checkerboard, floral and jacquard designs in black and white prints or rich jewel tones to complement the rest of the interior.  

Dark and rich paint colours 

Black, forest green, rich purple, ruby red and indigo blue are popular colour choices in gothic bathrooms. Use these shades for a feature wall to prevent the space from looking too dark, or paint the whole room for a dramatic effect. Alternatively, opt for wallpaper with ornate florals or jacquard patterns if you have plain flooring.  

Traditional features 

Victorian-inspired fixtures like crosshead taps, showerheads and door handles can add the finishing touches to your gothcore bathroom. The Mira Virtue range is the perfect addition to any gothcore bathroom, featuring the bath/shower mixer, basin pillar taps and bath filler. Opt for polished chrome, brass or gold fittings for a rustic effect that contrasts dark colours on walls and floors.  

Gothic bathroom décor  

Sparkling chandeliers, ornate mirrors, wrought iron towel rails, brass picture frames and dark green plants can add a gothic touch to your bathroom décor. If you want to embrace the gothcore trend fully, add wall stickers or framed pictures of bats, moths, roses and celestial imagery.  

Ready to start decorating? Browse the Mira Virtue range to find the ideal fixtures for your gothic bathroom.