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Designer Bathroom Ideas

Design inspiration to ensure your bathroom is on trend

Monday 9th April 2018

A designer bathroom is one of the biggest style statements a home can make. Bathrooms are where you prepare to face a new day and retreat from the outside world when you come home again. It's the only room where you can light candles, lie back relax in the water or under the showerhead and just be. We've spoken to some design experts to find out how you can make your bathroom look and feel its best.

Mira vision dual shower with water spray in beige shower room

Powerful showers
The best designer bathrooms have one thing in common – a powerful shower.

Andrew Gancikov, founder of Gancikov Architecture and Design, says showers are the number one things his clients ask for when it comes to planning their designer bathrooms.

“Clients vary in their tastes and requirements, but a powerful and spacious shower is a must,” he says. “Baths are less in vogue than in the past. There’s nothing quite like an invigorating shower in the morning or a nice massaging shower that cleanses your body and mind before bed.”

As well as installing a powerful shower, you can make a style statement with your choice of shower head. If you like the vintage look you might lean towards a round rainfall shower head while those of you with more modern tastes may go for a high-tech built-in wall digital shower that features the best in showering technology.

Materials and lighting
Even the most space-challenged bathroom can look designer with a clever use of materials and lighting.

“For the best designer bathroom ideas, the choice of materials is key,” Andrew explains. “For my clients, I always propose using one primary material – tile, wood, natural stone and so on – with the optional dash of a secondary material. Personally, I prefer to use one material only, but clients sometimes find they want to use an array of different tiles which can be done as long as consistency is maintained.”

Bathroom wall designs are a huge part of creating the best designer bathroom look. Neutral tones and natural stone designs give the illusion of more space. But don’t think you have to use beige or white for everything.

Sophie van Winden, co-founder of Owl Design, says her clients want their bathrooms to be sanctuaries to relax in, to escape their busy lives.  

She says the key colour trends for bathrooms this year are dark colours, such as indigo blues, forest greens and charcoal greys. These are complimented by soft, plaster pinks and blushes. And luxe materials such as marble and brushed brass – which both work well with the above colours.

So how can people use this when planning a new bathroom? Sophie says: “Plaster or limewash on the walls for an all over textured colour, or cement tiles – which have a beautiful depth of colour and come in a variety of patterns - can be used on the walls and floors. Brushed brass taps on a basin with a marble vanity surround adds a luxury feel to the plaster finish.”

Bathroom with limewash wall shower and indigo walls
Bathroom sink with chrome taps and green toothbrush and soap pots

Small items can go a long way to giving you the designer bathroom of your dreams. Key accessories add a sense of lavishness to a space. To get that designer look with metals, go for nickel or brushed gold, pairing it with tumbled glass.

The right taps, shower heads and bath rails can add a touch of opulence no matter how big or small the room. A ceiling mounted rainfall shower takes up less space than a wall fixture but can give your bathroom a look straight out of a designer hotel in an instant.

Don’t forget you can also add that designer style with statement soap dishes, toothbrush holders and bathroom wall art.

There is no point in coming up with great bathroom ideas when the room ends up cluttered and everything is obstructed by bottles of shampoo and shower gel. “Storage is essential to maintain order,” insists Andrew.

Sophie advises clients to set storage back into the wall, space permitting, so it is completely flush with the wall. She says: “We often cover with a mirrored panelled door. This bespoke feature is easily achieved in the nooks above the plumbing or pipe work and creates an illusion of more space and a sleek, contemporary look. Again, a shelf built into the shower wall in the same tile or plaster as the shower wall makes for a high end hotel feel.”

Bathroom set up with in wall shelving and orange and red accessories

Now you have your design inspiration, find out how to turn your bathroom into a haven of indulgence and pampering

How have you created the designer bathroom of your dreams? We’d love to see. Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter.