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Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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Lighting in bathroom trends

The lowdown on the latest in lights

Thursday 22nd February 2018

The bathroom is our go-to place for beauty and grooming routines in the morning and soothing relaxation rituals in the evening. So when it comes lighting in bathrooms, it's the functional and the fancy that's required to ensure it suits from lights on to lights out. Be strategic with the placement of main feature lighting and find more subtle ways to get a glow with our ideas to transform your bathroom with the power of light...

Ceiling spotlights
Practical? Yes. Boring? Absolutely not. Just because your main ceiling light is the fastest way to cast light across the room, it doesn't have to mean unsightly fixtures. Instead, opt for stylish spotlights in the bathroom which not only look contemporary and sleek but can also be positioned to highlight and illuminate hero features. Placing a spotlight above your shower which, when paired with a bright white wall panel, will bounce the light around for a more spacious feel. For more practical measures, position the spotlight so it acts as a light for a mirror to make morning beauty and grooming routines quicker and easier.

Low-level lights
Forget ambient, mood-enhancing lighting for a moment and think about the actual level of your lights. For a real bespoke touch, turn your attention away from ceiling fixtures and wall mounts and look at following the curved edge of your bath with low spotlights along the floor. This will give a glowing halo of light around a gorgeous roll-top bath and the ultimate luxury feel.

(LED) light bulb moment
Put your best green foot forward in 2018 and look out for bathroom LED lighting. Eco-friendly light sources have taken a big step forward this year, as unlike other traditional energy saving bulbs, LEDs are bright as soon as they turn on and come in so many shapes and forms that they'll always be aesthetically pleasing.

Face up in lights
Lighting up your vanity area doesn't just have to mean a feature Hollywood light bulb mirror. You can illuminate your morning beauty and grooming routine in sleek, stylish and subtle ways, such as using mirrors with built-in light strips on each side. Or look for mirrors where the light sits behind for a glowing halo effect that means you can brush, pluck and wash without missing a thing.

New tech
If you're really looking to make a big impact with a lighted mirror, the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is unlike any other. Not only does it provide two bright strip lights but it also brings a new level of convenience to your morning routine by having an in-built Amazon Alexa. Use it to speed up your morning by asking Alexa to switch on your shower or play your favourite tunes. You can even use it to move away from traditional cord bathroom light switches too - simply shout when you want the light on, or the brightness up, and Alexa will make sure it happens.

Nice and natural
Mood-enhancing artificial light can work wonders but don't underestimate the power of good natural lighting in the bathroom. Make use of all your window space by ensuring all window sills are clear of clutter for an uninterrupted flood of light. Remove any boxy blinds that may obscure the sunlight and choose plain or textured glass, instead. You'll want to avoid anything too opaque on the windows as this will dim the light coming through.

When the night draws in, don't forget about candles, too. Upgrade your twinkly tea lights and turn your candles into a feature display in your bathroom. For instant style points, look for candles of different heights and arrange them on a glass plate with pebbles at the base.

Glowing accents
Whatever your lighting preference, make sure you make the most of it by focusing on your bathroom's finishing touches. Shiny, chrome taps will capture the light in unexpected ways and throw back glowing accent reflections wherever you look.

Bright white bathrooms are also a great way of opening up a space. Read our guide to white bathroom ideas and create your own bright, light, white paradise.

What lighting tips can you offer from your own bathroom transformations? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.