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Showering Before Bed

Discover the pros and cons of showering or bathing before bed in our guide.

  • Friday 30 June 2023
  • 2 minute read

Showering before bed has long been claimed to have health benefits, from relaxing muscles to regulating body temperature.

But is it the best time of day to have a shower? And if so, what is the best temperature for an evening shower? Discover the pros and cons of showering or bathing before bed in our guide. 

Should you shower at night or in the morning? 

From a hygiene perspective, there is no right or wrong time of day to shower, so find what works best in your daily routine. A morning shower may help you wake up and remove any overnight oil or sweat build-up on your skin. Evening showers can help you relax and soothe muscles while washing away dirt and sweat from the day.  

The benefits of showering before bed 

When showering before bed, getting the right temperature is vital. Explore the benefits of hot vs cold showers before bed here. 

Hot showers 

There’s no better feeling than a hot shower after a busy, tiring day, making them the ideal choice at night. They may also benefit your mind and improve sleep. If you shower every evening as part of your bedtime routine, your body will soon associate it with sleep, helping you to wind down quickly.  

Cold showers 

While cold showers can reduce muscle soreness and improve circulation, they also stimulate the nervous system, making you feel more awake. Therefore, a cold shower may not be the right choice before bed. If you enjoy taking a cold shower after an evening workout, do it a few hours before you start your bedtime routine. Learn more about the power of cold showers in our guide.

Taking a bath before bed 

Want to create a relaxing at-home spa experience? Instead of a shower, have an evening bath to help you unwind. You could light candles, play calming music, or meditate while soaking in the tub.  

 Hot baths have the same benefits as hot showers, so choose either option before bed. Explore our bathing products to take your nighttime baths to the next level. 

Whatever your showering routine and temperature preference, our electric showers give you ultimate control. Browse the range to find the perfect choice for your bathroom.