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Storytelling in the home

  • Friday 05 August 2016

During our trend prediction Moment Masters roundtable discussion, our panel of experts highlighted the top interior trends for 2016. This week, we will be discussing the development of Storytelling in the Home. This trend identifies that the home is no longer simply for show. We will be using a design narrative to showcase our personality and lifestyle.

 We have put together a selection of the key features within this trend so you can include it within your home.

Consumer Confidence

Simon Browning, Industrial Design Director at Mira Showers, states that “Consumers are treating bathrooms from a design perspective. They are more confident with their choices and are designing their home the way they want instead of being the same as everyone else." 

We are becoming more confident with the choices we make regarding the design of our homes and the use of colour is an easy way to show our individuality. The inclusion of bright and bold colours demonstrates our empowerment of escaping the traditional beige and cream walls in the bathroom. The use of blackboard paint in a child’s playroom is a great way for children to illustrate their creativity and personalities, and also adds a practical factor for to-do or chores lists.

Global Influence

Heloisa Righetto from trend forecasting agency WGSN states that “There is a global influence with consumers looking at rest of the world for inspiration. Moroccan style tiles demonstrate the travel influence." 

We are inspired by the world around us and want our home to remind us of places we have previously visited or hope to visit in the future. While the use of tiles is predominantly in the kitchen and bathroom they can be included in numerous rooms within the home. Whether it is colour or monochrome or pattern vs plain, whatever your personal style is, there is a tile to match. Bright colours and patterns provide a Middle Eastern influence to your home while plain monochrome tiles illustrate the clean lines of a scandi style room. The Mira Aspects Collection enables you to choose from seven styles to complement your bathroom. The ultra-smooth surface and crisp edges of the Mira Precision tap range will perfectly complement a scandi style room.

Functional Spaces

Interior designer Richard Randall states that “Trends need to become functional. They need to be able to fit into your everyday life."

The bathroom is a space which needs to suit the whole family. It can be somewhere to relax after a long day at work as well as a place to have fun with the children. This trend enables you to develop rooms within your home to become functional spaces that fit our hectic lives. The Mira Platinum Dual digital shower includes a wireless remote so you can set the temperature of your shower from your living room or bedroom so there is no need to wait for it to heat up. It is the small changes that this trend enables you implement into the rooms within the home to fit with your everyday schedule.

Do you like to tell a story with the design of your home?
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