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Smart Bathroom Technology

  • Friday 05 August 2016

The quantified lifestyle and the ‘connected home’ are predicted to feature as an important trend this year. The constant development of technology means the ability to be connected to our home is becoming more accessible than ever. While it used to be gadget lovers that had the most up to date technology, today, we are all able to remotely control aspects of lives with the touch of a button; whether it is making a payment, changing the temperature of the shower or viewing the live stream of our home security system.

 We have put together a list of products that you have, should you adopt the quantified lifestyle.

On the go

Now that winter is upon, us we all want to come home to a warm house. Rather than having to work out how to adjust the settings on your boiler and change it everyday depending on your schedule why not download the Hive app. The app enables you to remotely control your heating and hot water from your phone, tablet or laptop. Whether you are commuting home from work or sitting at the pub you can adjust the temperature and schedule timings. You are also able to set the holiday mode so that you save money while you are away.

Product demonstration

You love a sofa that you have just found in the sale but you are unsure if it will match with the rest of your furniture in your room. What you need is the Homestyler app which allows you to virtually place 3D models of furniture into any room of your house. It is as simple as taking a picture of the room that you are decorating and you are able to input different products to see if they match your current furniture. Instead of having to return an item you are able to try the product out first to make sure you are happy with the way it looks in your home. You will find yourself spending endless hours inputting different products in your room to see how they look, even if you aren’t planning on re-decorating just yet.


Safety of the home is important to everyone and while you have a security system in place you may only find out if there is a problem when you arrive home. The app allows you to connect to your current security system and monitor and control your home whilst out and about. Real-time alerts will be sent to your phone if there is a breach in your alarm system and it monitors movement within the house. The app can also live-stream the video from the cameras which are set up around your home to put your mind at rest.


No one likes getting into a cold shower - why not introduce smart technology into your bathroom with the Mira Platinum Dual. This digital shower has a wireless controller which allows you to set the temperature of your shower from another room so that the water is your desired temperature when switched on. Digital showers work by communicating with the mixer valve digitally so any adjustment you make to the temperature and flow will be instant and accurate. You will see this data as an exact reading on the display of the wireless controller, so you’re always in control.Furthermore the shower as an eco-function which reduces the flow and uses less water, while the five minute timer makes you aware of how long you have spent in the shower.


Our Mira Dual Digital Showers range are available without the shower fittings so you can use your own as a bath filler. With this you can choose multiple outlets, such as the 'learn' function which allows you to teach the bath how long to run to reach the right depth and temperature, saving you the hassle of going to and from the bathroom.

Are you looking for ways to be remotely connected to your home?
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