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Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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Top Bathroom Storage Hacks

Alternative ways to tidy up your bathroom

Thursday 2nd January 2020

A little organisation goes a long way. Experts suggest that tidiness is good for our mental wellbeing, while knowing where our things are can help us to get ready much faster. But home storage is about more than tidiness, with bathroom cabinets, units and baskets, in their own little ways, contributing to the positive energy of your bathroom.

Use our bathroom storage ideas to create a wonderful and atmospheric bathroom.

Always Consider the Size of Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is small, medium, large or is an en-suite, bathroom storage units are usually the first port of call when aiming for a tidy, clutter-free bathroom.

This is for good reason, with plenty of styles to suit different bathroom decors and sizes.

So whether you want to keep your hairbrush, shampoo, or spare towels out of sight, bathroom storage units, providing that little bit extra shelf space, should be your go-to bathroom hack.

What is it you’re looking for? There are skinny cabinets for small bathrooms and large cabinets more suited to expansive bathrooms, so do your research to find a storage cabinet that is most suited to your bathroom, but which also complements the decor.

How Can You Maximise Cabinet Space?

If you’re short on space (and who isn’t with the number of soothing skin products on sale these days), try to capitalise on the cabinet space you have at your disposal.

Storing excess beauty products on shelves is all well and good, but when you’re out of room, try not to place items on free surfaces, which creates unwanted mess and clutter.  

Instead, think about the energy of the room, and consider investing in hanging storage compartments which hang out of sight behind the doors of cabinets you already own.

Need More Storage? Meet Storage Baskets

If you’ve used all other available storage space or just need a little extra space, bathroom storage baskets - available in a range of styles to suit traditional or contemporary bathrooms - are ideal.

Wicker baskets, perhaps stacked on top of each other, are perfect for separating different items — whether you need a home for spare towels or cleaning products.

Consider cupboard-style baskets if they slide into cabinets if it matches the decor of your bathroom. Investing in a few baskets is a quick and easy way to get rid of clutter that’s harming the positive energy of your bathroom.

Invest in A Bathroom Storage Bench

If you have space in your bathroom, storage benches offer plenty of room for storing your bathroom items. The bonus is that you can also stack items neatly on top of the bench, as well as inside, to maximise your storage space.

From folded towels to skin care products, think how your storage can actually contribute to the energy of your family bathroom, rather than having the opposite effect. Considering what is and isn't on show is crucial to the design of a bathroom

Placed just below windows, bathroom storage benches, with tasteful cushions littered on top, are perfect for turning your bathroom into a homely and impressive room of your house.

After all, it should be your aim to make your bathroom somewhere you want to spend time, while making sure it remains a practical space that helps you get ready in a hurry.

Starting A New Renovation Project?

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