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Shower Seats

Wall-Mounted & Fold Down Shower Seats

A shower seat is the perfect independent showering accessory for those who require assistance due to mobility issues and may need to sit down. Shower seats can create a safer and more comfortable showering experience for people with a range of disabilities affecting their ability to stand. Shower seats come in many styles and functions, with wall-mounted shower seats being a more permanent solution, relieving the need to keep moving seats in and out of the shower. To find out more on how to adapt your bathroom for you or your family members, read our accessible bathroom guide here.

Mira offers two different styles of wall-mounted folding shower seats, the perfect permanent yet discreet options for family showers. Mira shower seats can be used in or out of the showering area, and withstand a maximum user weight of 95.5Kg (15 stone). The Mira Premium shower seat is a stylish and comfortable slim-line design, available in grey/chrome and white/chrome colourways to suit modern minimalist styles. The Mira shower seat is a more traditional design, available in white and white/chrome colourways, perfect for clean-cut styles.

Shower Seat
Mira PremiumShower Seat

Comfortable and stylish with a slim-line design, the fold-away Mira Premium Shower Seat can be used in or out of the showering area.

Shower Seat
MiraShower Seat

For use in or out of the showering area, the Mira Shower Seat is the perfect addition to any bathroom.


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