By Kerry Hale

Top 8 Shower & Bathroom Aids for Accessible Bathrooms

  • Tuesday 03 January 2023
  • 3 minute read

Accessible bathrooms can be tailored to suit your needs, with many helpful products to make bathing and showering straightforward.

From adequate lighting to non-slip mats, grab rails and bath hoists, our accessible bathroom guide has plenty of ideas to help you transform your space. 

What are shower aids?

Shower aids are essential for people with reduced mobility, ensuring everyone can use the bath and shower safely whilst still enjoying the experience. Our guide explores the top shower aids to help you find the best options for your bathroom. 

The best shower aids

There are several types of showering and bathing aids available, from non-slip mats and tap turners to shower seats and grab rails. Whatever your budget or preference, you can easily make your current bathroom more accessible for everyone that uses it..

Accessible shower enclosures

If you currently have a shower over bath, consider switching it for a walk-in shower. Since you enter at floor height, they’re suitable for wheelchair users, and there’s less risk of tripping or slipping compared to manoeuvring in and out of a bathtub. Accessible showers can be fitted with anti-slip flooring to make them even safer. 

Shower seating

Shower seats are ideal for walk-in showers, allowing you to sit down if you feel unsteady. In more spacious shower enclosures, choose a shower bench. To save room, consider a folding wall-mounted shower seat instead. We recommend combining a shower seat with a grab rail for extra support. 

Bath boards

Like shower seating, bath boards are helpful for those who find it challenging to get in and out of the bath. The board is positioned across the top of the bath, so you can sit on it, swing your legs into the bath and lower yourself into the water. Alternatively, you can bathe while sitting on the board.  

Easy-to-use fixtures

Some taps can be stiff or tricky to turn, especially if you have reduced dexterity. Shower tap turners make turning your taps on and off much easier and come in a range of configurations to suit your preference. 

In addition, switches and sockets can be installed lower than standard height to accommodate wheelchair users. Or, you can swap wall-mounted light switches for pull cords.

Non-slip mats

Non-slip mats are one of the best quick fixes to make your shower more user friendly. Available in various sizes to fit your bath or shower enclosure, a non-slip mat is an essential in family bathrooms, making showering and bathing safer for all.  

Grab rails

Install grab rails in the shower or bath, allowing you to get in and out safely. You could also install them next to the toilet or on a wall near the door to make navigating the space easier.

Bath hoists and lifts

Bath hoists and lifts are essential for those unable to bear weight on their legs. These devices make bathing safer and more convenient by lifting you in and out of the bath in a seated position. Although these are some of the most expensive bathing aids, they are invaluable in accessible bathrooms. 


A well-lit bathroom makes it easier to move around safely and spot any potential hazards, such as wet floors. Choose overhead spotlights or strip lights for maximum brightness. In addition, you could install a shower light within the enclosure if your bathroom is especially dark.

Shower safely with Mira products

The Mira Advance range of thermostatic showers features enhanced temperature control and visually-optimised, user-friendly controls to make showering safer. Pair this with the Mira Flight Safe shower trays, featuring integrated anti-slip technology. 

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