A shower you can Relate to

Tuesday 11th July 2017

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This step-by-step guide is relevant to all single outlet Mira mixer bar valves with Z-connectors, although this example focuses specifically on the new Relate EV. It is intended to be used with the installation guide, which further assists a competent installer with some important steps and tips.

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Step 1

Having positioned the shower unit at a height convenient to the user, and so that the showerhead spray direction is in line with the shower tray or bath. install the pipework with 150mm +/- 24mm centres.

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Step 2

After finishing the wall surface, then attach the offset connectors. They must protrude by 40-43mm from the wall. Apply silicone sealant to the gaps, then tighten them. At this stage, check that pipework levels and centres are correct.

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Step 3

Screw the concealing plates onto the offset connectors until they make contact with the wall. It is essential at this point that the supply pipework is thoroughly flushed through before connection to the shower unit. Wait until a clear and clean supply is available – in some systems this could take some time. Failure to do so may result in product malfunction and will not be covered under the guarantee.

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Step 4

Having ensured that the Mira sealing washers (provided) are fitted into each inlet, attach the bar valve body to the offset connectors. The hose outlet should be at the bottom. Tighten the connectors with a spanner, being careful to avoid damage to the chrome surface. Pressurise the unit and check for leaks.

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Step 5

Put the slide bar assembly together. Secure both slide bar supports to the slide rail by tightening the screw on the inside. Offer the slide bar assembly to the wall, and mark the positions of the slide bar supports.

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Step 6

Drill holes using an 8mm bit and screw the slide bar supports to the wall using the fixings supplied. Assemble the fittings and slot them into the support mounts. Fix the slide bar at both ends with the hex screw supplied, and then fit the end caps. Finally, attach the hose and Beat showerhead, making sure the rubber washers are in place at both ends of the hose.

View the video guide

Your customer's Mira Relate is now ready for use! As an alternative to this guide, we also have a installation video which covers the step-by-step installation process for all single outlet Mira bar valves using Z-connectors. As well as Mira Relate the video guide also applies to the Mira Reflex EV, Mira Atom EV and Mira Apt EV.

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