Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


Digital Showers are the smart choice

Friday 18th October 2019

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There’s no denying it; look around the workplace, home and the world of retail, and it’s clear that we are already at the centre of a digital revolution.

In the home, a new generation of consumers increasingly expect to be able to control their household appliances via a smart phone, home hub, or even their own voice. This is already having a big impact in the heating sector, with smart thermostats enabling homeowners to control the temperature and timing of heating and hot water.

Now this type of smart technology is moving one step further with advances in digital showers, which are not only making them more visually appealing but also easier to install and more convenient to use than ever before.

Added value

 This type of advanced functionality is very attractive to homeowners, and many are prepared to pay the uplift in cost for it, offering a significant opportunity for installers to add value to bathroom projects. In fact, as the smart home concept continues to take hold, insights into consumer attitudes towards technology purchases suggest that, in time, digital could rise to up to 59% of shower installations.

Homeowners looking to give their bathroom a makeover this autumn can look to benefit from Mira Showers’ current £50 cashback promotion on digital showers. Buy a complete digital shower before October 31st 2019 and they will be able to redeem a £50 cashback on the Mira website, between 30 and 60 days after purchase.

Decisions, decisions…

It’s important to choose the digital shower most compatible to the customer’s needs; a high-pressure option is best suited to main pressure unvented systems and combi boilers, whereas a pumped option is appropriate for low-pressure gravity systems. This is a huge benefit as the pumped unit is often less expensive than buying a separate mixer shower and shower pump to do the same job, but it comes with all the benefits of digital shower’s functionality.

The Mira Platinum and Mira Mode digital showers are available for both gravity-fed and combi and high pressure systems, so whether it’s ceiling or rear fed, single or dual outlet, there is a digital shower to suit. Mira leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating a Digital Shower to suit every type of house!

You also need to consider whether to fit a wired or wireless shower; each with their own benefits, but different installation methods.

Wireless options mean that the controller connects to the shower valve remotely, allowing the shower to be turned on or off and the temperature adjusted via a remote control, which works up to 10 metres from the shower. 

Wired digital showers use a data cable, rather than the valve speaking to the controller wirelessly. If you’re after a marginally less time consuming installation, a wireless digital shower, such as the Mira Platinum, may be the best option. 

Fit and forget                

So, your customer is sold on the idea of digital showers, but what about installation? From an installer’s point of view, it’s natural to be cautious when it comes to new technology and wonder how easy it is to fit. The answer is: very easy!

In the past, digital showers have been perceived as a complex installation choice; however, with the correct resources and guides, it can be as straightforward as any other shower installation.

With the Mira Mode shower, for example, installation is made easy, with a step-by-step guide on YouTube, or the Information User Guide which is included with the shower.

Everything that the installer needs comes in one box, including a separate remote on/off button which comes as standard with all dual outlet versions, so they’ll have everything they need from the start.

In the unlikely event that something doesn’t go to plan during installation, the Mira Mode app includes lots of useful troubleshooting features. One great example of this is the outlets can be switched using the app, so, should they have mistakenly been connected the wrong way around, there’s no need to start from scratch or fit additional pipework. Convenient installation is one of Mira’s key values when it comes to designing it’s showers.

When it comes to digital showers, one of the key messages to give to customers is not to compromise on quality; Mira are so confident of theirs, they provide a 5 year guarantee with every Digital Shower that leaves their building!


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