FAQ Feature: Digital Showers

Friday 12th August 2016

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We know that when it comes to installing a digital shower, even the most experienced of installers can have questions about a product or installation. In these FAQ Features, we highlight some of the frequently asked questions that our Customer Services team are asked by the professional installer every day.

What is the difference between a pumped and high pressure digital shower?
A digital pumped shower uses water from the stored hot and cold gravity fed water supplies. The high pressure versions rely on the pressure obtained from the rising mains, such as mains pressurised systems or combination boilers, where the water pressure is strong enough to create a satisfying flow.

Why does a pumped digital shower installed on a gravity system splutter and stop when it has been turned on for a bit?
Two initial checks need to be made. First, the recommendation is for a cold water cistern capacity of at least 230 litres. Second, the hot take off to the shower at the top of the cylinder needs to be at least 1 metre below the cold water storage cistern or tank. If this cannot be achieved, then the cistern to cylinder cold feed pipe either needs to be increased to 28mm, or an additional 22mm feed pipe needs to be added (using a 22mm T at the bottom of the hot water cylinder). This will reduce the pipe pressure loss and prevent the water depression in the vent pipe, which could let air into the hot feed pipe to the pump.

How far away from the mixer can I fit a remote radio-controlled control panel?
Just like a mobile phone, there are many ways in which the communication (comms) signal can be interrupted. Other radio frequency (RF) devices, including high powered Wi-Fi routers, nearby PV inverters, baby alarms, outdoor weather stations can reduce or distort the signal. Our Mira Platinum Digital control panel (user interface) can be used, is there is no interference or signal degradation from the walls, and can be placed up to 10m away. Before installing the digital mixer and user interface, place them in the required positions to check that they work, by providing a temporary power supply to the digital mixer.

Can a wireless digital mixer shower be used when fitting PV panels?
Yes, when operating, the panels are likely to provide all the power needed to run the electronics in the high pressure digital mixer, and the pump and electronics in a low pressure pumped digital mixer. The inverter though, if in close proximity to the digital mixer box or user interface may interfere with radio control communication. The maximum benefit from the panels will be obtained during a sunny day – and a correctly installed PV system will benefit from the FiT (Feed in Tariff) payment for the electricity generated.

What happens if there is a power cut when using a wireless digital mixer shower?
If a power cut occurs during the shower, the unit will stop as the solenoid valve (electric tap) will stop the flow. If there is an attempt to use the shower during a power cut, it will not start. The digital mixer will, however, retain all the pre-set memory setting and communications to be restored after the power cut.

If you have any questions on our digital showers range you can get in touch with our customer service team