FAQ Feature: Shower Trays

Friday 12th August 2016

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We know that when it comes to installing a shower tray, even the most experienced of installers can have questions about a product or installation. In these FAQ Features, we highlight some of the frequently asked questions that our Customer Services team are asked by the professional installer every day.

What is a ‘tiling upstand’?
A tiling upstand is typically a 22mm integral vertical extension that is applied to two or three siles of a shower tray. During installation, this provides a watertight finish between the tray and the finished wall surface. Some trays come with four upstands so that a framed door sits within the top of the tray to prevent any leaks.

What is the benefit of ‘riser legs’?
Riser legs can be fitted to the underside of eligible trays, allowing the installer to raise the tray off the floor. This is useful when installing the tray on a solid floor where the waste is unable to be buried in the floor. Accurate adjustments can then be made by raising or lowering the legs to obtain a perfectly level tray.

When fitting a Mira Flight tray, what happened when the riser legs are obstructed by pipework that runs along one wall under the tray?
One of our products is an offset leg adaptor which allows the adjustable legs to be installed offset to the tray, where the pipework runs. These adaptors increase the gap between the wall and leg from 20 to 85mm, and should help in this scenario.

It’s obviously important to level a shower tray in a shower enclosure, but how ‘level’ does it need to be?
The recess in the tray (where the user stands) has a built-in slope towards the waste. The top of the tray also has a built-in slope. If the tray is incorrectly installed, water will ‘pool’ at the edges or corners. So, the time taken to level the tray will make it easier to fir the enclosure, providing a more watertight fit. As long as the tray is stable, usually an out of level tolerance less than 2mm per meter is acceptable – make sure you check with a spirit level.

What is a BioCote® finish on a shower tray? What does it do?
BioCote® is an anti-bacterial agent based on silver ion technology. It reduces bacterial and mould growth by up to 99.9%. When incorporated into a Flight or Flight Low shower tray, it won’t wash off or wear away – it will stay on the product for life.

If you have any questions about our shower trays range you can get in touch with our customer service team.