Mira Showers Launches Bath Filler+

Monday 28th February 2022

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In collaboration with housing associations, Mira has developed the Mira Bath Filler+ specifically for the Social Housing specifier. With its patented Mira Iso-Pro™ technology, the product has been designed to allow for quick and easy TMV2 maintenance checks, offering specifiers a hassle-free solution that reduces the time it takes to undertake annual maintenance, and so optimising the process. As a market-first, the product integrates a bi-directional valve that allows for quick in-service cold failure and TMV2 maintenance checks. This feature promises a reduction in time and complexity, ensuring that annual servicing can be completed with ease thus reducing the cost to undertake the maintenance significantly. To see how much you could save by switching to the BathFiller+, visit the ROI Calculator by Mira Showers

WRAS and TMV2 compliant, the Bath Filler+ aligns with The Housing Corporation’s Development Standards, where it is essential for showers and all hot water taps in housing for the elderly to be thermostatic.

In order to reduce the risk of scalding, the TMV2 valves ensure that the Bath Filler offers precise mixing of hot and cold water, even if water pressure changes in the house due to other appliances being used. With the recommendation that all TMV2 valves be maintained annually, bath filler checks can be time consuming and costly due to their location usually being underneath the bath; because the Mira Bath Filler+ incorporates isolation valves in its arms, the need to remove the bath panels is negated – saving time and money.

A retrofit is easy with the Mira Bath Filler+, as standard 180mm centres ensure a quick and simple replacement to existing products. Easy-fit elbows also ensure a quick and simple installation.

The Mira Bath Filler+ has been designed specifically for Social Housing and is available across the Mira React & Mira Assist ranges. With these ranges already including technologies such as the Mira Nano-T™ cartridge and Mira CoolShieldTM, technology, the addition of Mira Iso-Pro™ technology via the Bathfiller+ means that Mira can provide a range of different options for General and Adapted Housing.

Suzannah Adey – Senior Product Manager at Mira Showers:

We have been pioneering innovation through technological advancement for the last 100 years, and our latest launch of the Bath Filler+ represents another problem-solving solution that has been created with the customer in mind. Delivering high-quality products to specifiers for  such a great length of time demonstrates how the brand strives to offer customers ease-of-use and return on investment through every innovation.

If you would like to discuss your next project with Mira, contact the Mira specification team at estimating@mirashowers.com.