The Stylish Answer to Shower Safety

Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Wetrooms are proving to be a strong trend in bathroom designs and with the UK’s population ageing, the demand has increased for a multi-generational bathroom.

The main downsides of installing a wetroom can often be the expense for your customer, as well as being a problematic installation when working in apartments or on ground floors, unless drainage pumps are fitted. To create a beautiful wetroom style bathroom at the fraction of the cost, we developed an anti-slip version of our Mira Flight Low shower tray, the Mira Flight Safe.

Exceeding the standards

Meeting and exceeding the highest standards of slip resistance, the Mira Flight Safe tray provides ultimate safe showering for all the family. The design is subtle with no raised areas or stick-on roundels; it also shares the same contemporary aesthetics as the Mira Flight Low so there is no element of styling that has been missed. Your customer can simply step in and out, hassle-free.

The tray has gone through stringent testing by making the tray slippery with soap and water then incline the tray until the barefoot subject slips off. The tray has been independently certified as Class C DIN 51097 and in order to gain this Class, the subject must remain standing when the tray is angled at 24°. Our tray is exceeded this and the subject was still standing even when tilted to 30°!

Lighter. Stronger. Safer.

The Mira Flight Safe is made from acrylic-capped resin stone, making it more resistant to scratches and chips, retaining its integrity throughout its life. Another great feature of the tray is that it is 20% lighter than equivalent products made from the same material, making installation that little bit easier.


Plus, it comes complete with BioCote® technology, which not only offers a neat finish but also helps to stop the tray from discolouring. Furthermore, it helps reduces bacteria and mould by up to 99.9% and with the self-cleaning, high flow vortex waste, it ensure the showering area is incredibly easily for your customer to keep clean.

For more information on our entire trays range including Flight and Flight Low, visit our section on Mira Shower Trays or if you have any specific questions the contact our customer service team