Looking to replace your shower? Our Supply & Fit replacement service is now just £75 for installation, when purchasing a new shower directly from us.

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Product Guide Sections

  • Introduction

    Here at Mira, we’ve been leading the way in showering for almost a century. It is our experience and attention to detail that make everything we do the trusted choice for you, the professional installer. View our full range of showers, accessories, fittings, spare parts and our commercial products.

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  • Mixer Showers

    We love to invest in the research and development of our own technology so that we can make sure all of our mixer range deliver a great shower every time, without compromise. Please take a look through our range of mixer showers and see why no one outperforms us!

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  • Digital Showers

    Digital showers are an installer’s best friend, not only because they are suitable for any type of domestic plumbing system, but also because they are quick and easy to fit. Please take a look through our digital shower range and see what the hype is all about for yourself.

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  • Electric Showers

    When it comes to retrofitting more products than anyone else - we have it covered. Whether you are looking to fit a brand new electric shower, or to replace an existing one, Mira has the solution. Check out our great range of electric showers that suit every system in any home.

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  • Power Showers

    Our Mira range of power showers has something for every customer and every budget. With all the simplicity of an electric shower, two different finishes on most models, push button control, the choice of manual or thermostatic control and, of course, the added power, our power shower range is a perfect choice.

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  • Inclusive Showers

    At Mira, we believe that there should be a perfect shower for everyone. That is why we have a great range, full to the brim with features that offer that helping hand. Take a look through the full range and decide the perfect product for your needs.

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  • Shower Enclosures

    Mira Leap shower enclosures deliver market leading ease of installation and best in class aesthetics, operation and feel. Take a look through the range and see our patented easy-fit installation system, and truly unique design features.

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  • Shower Trays

    As a professional, you will always be on the lookout for products that won't let you down, and just like any of our Mira products, our trays don’t disappoint. Now with our added range of anti-slip trays added to the Mira Flight family, we have even more products to suit your needs.

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  • Bathscreens

    Mira have designed our bathscreens with a modern, clean lined and a high quality finish for a simple and cost effective solution for in-bath showering. Take a look through the full range to find the perfect bathscreen for your needs.

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  • Accessories & Fittings

    Easy to fit, whether you are working with a Mira or not, our variety of accessories and fittings will even fit other makes and models, so you can still add that piece of Mira quality. Take a look through our wide range of fittings and accessories.

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  • Taps

    Designed to complement any bathroom beautifully, our stunning new Aspects collection has seven unique styles that all share the same exceptional standards you have come to expect from Mira. Take a look through the range and see for yourself what makes them so special.

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  • Rada Commercial

    For all your non-domestic applications, our commercial brand RADA has a fantastic selection of hand washing and showering products. Rada offers full technical support via our technical support team that are available by phone, email or by the website. Take a look through a selection from the range.

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  • Spare Parts & Glossary

    From time to time, you may receive the call to repair an out of warranty Mira. However, never fear – our extensive range of genuine parts are always on hand when you need them. Take a look through our full range of parts and find what you need.

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